open minds are a pleasant and inner peaceful attribute to attain and retain throughout this very closed minded sector of the populace. Educate yourselves and one another... feed your mind... hold the data... "anything is possible". Right and wrong do not exist, Light and Dark do, anything and everything is possible period. If it can be imagined... thought... or pondered... possibilities are present. Awakening is necessary for one to have choice. choice to take the choice to choose...or choice to have both or all choices readily available. Thats The Light. Just because you have the right to choose doesn't mean it was to be taken. Enlighten your inner soul with compassion and understanding...we are all here together with the same types of choices to choose from. Let's choose to be selfless instead of selfish, it's worth a shot. Inner courage and strength from me to you, continue your path, you will succeed. The Light
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how do people see the light if the dark doesnt let the light in to enlighten them is the light the love ones and freinds you have about you
the wisdom of woman and that's why i like california
What was that about? dunno
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