how to be loved?

we couldn't describe what the love meaning. when we love someone, we expect that we get in return and that's mean unconditional love but sometimes we been hurt by love. so how to be loved exactly?
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Just follow your heart it will lead you
What do you mean by 'unconditional love'? You mean love without conditions? So if your b/f sleeps with your best friend, you still love him, right? Thats what love without conditions means.
teddybear Thats E A S Y to understand, you can't give away something you never had. You have to have love, experence it, and then unselfishly give it away. it takes more than just A..... K I N D..... H E A R T..... to do it. sad flower
There are many different kinds of love. This has been the struggle with many people is to understand that there is emotional love and universal love or unconditional love. Unconditional love loves without condition and seeing all people as equal. Emotional love is "special" love you have for one person more special than others. They are the one you build a family with and make relationship agreements with. Universal love would see us all as one and all equally deserving love. I think that both are important to express at different times. I wouldn't want to give up one for the other and ideally there can be two partners who love all universally. Then we would see a masterful duo in this world.

Many blessings and heartfelt love,
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