Why do so many expect perfection/and not willing t

doh PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS! I seek to understand others. Bible Summary. A simple definition of unforgiveness is “a grudge against someone who has offended you”. Another definition of unforgiveness is not having the compassion to forgive. Unforgiveness is a sin that causes us to think and do evil things. None of us are perfect so why does it seem that there are so many unwilling to say they are sorry and unwilling to forgive.
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well my bible says i must forgive 7 times 70; and i actually have learned that i can
but at times it takes god himself to grant us the grace to do it; depending on the offense
this is necessary for healing and to break any spiritual chains attached;
Thank You! That is very helpful about the forgiveness ratio...7 to 70. Basically I keep doing the right thing no matter what other do. Thanks again.
7 times 70 means u have to perfect in givin forgiveness..seven is the symbol of the perfection..which is means God commanded us to be perfect in forgiveness n also in love..at least it's what i learned from the church..easy to say hard to dobarf doh frustrated
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