Never Ending Role Playing Game

Never Ending Role Playing Game

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This is a Never Ending Role Playing Game, the idea is, I start off the story with a paragraph or two and people post what they think should happen next, every now and then i will add a little more to the story as well as the additions from other followers..... let the fun begin...

Location:FBI Headquarters, Washington. 0830hrs

Special Agent Fraser enters the office, there are various other agents at thier desks and on the telephones, in the background there is a drone of voices and the squak of radio chatter, as Agent Fraser approaches his desk his phone rings, he answers and the voice says:

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the voice says:
you and i are going to spend time together agent as you put away a friend of mine for high crimes; check the lotteries in all 50 states tonight; hahahahahahah; i left them each a gift; and by the time i cash in to mega money, you will be too mixed up to see me right in front of you!
Agent Fraser eagerly looks around the office for his partner who is clearly not in yet, he frantically try to start a trace on his own..

He asks "Well you certainly know who i am, so what do i call you?"
you never mind that- all in due time agent fraser- i will be in touch- i will give all information on a need to know basis -
"Well I'm not really one for games, as i get bored very easily, so how about we play differently, were tracing your location as i speak, so how about you crawl back under whatever stone you came from, or me and several agents will come down and kick over each one till you have no where to hide?"

"Still want to play games?"

Just as he asks the question his partner Special Agent Linda Mathews enters and listens in on the call...
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