I happen to have a friend.he told me his problem and i understood him.i told him that i would think of the solution but to be honest i cant.ok.this dude had a girl friend for a year.they did all the crazy stuffs together untill he was transfered.they did the long distance thing for a while.they would talk on the phone the whole night.she begun to be so demanding.she wanted him to be close to her and would always be moody whenever he told her that he had a job and that he was employed.she didnt understand his condition.he would go and see her whenever he had a chance.she was in her last year in university.when she cleared,she went back to her home this guy took a december holiday to go and spend it with her.he rented a room in the same town.they would spend the whole day together and she would go back home since she was living with her mother.he never wanted to cause any trouble with the mother b'coz African parents are very one day this girl told him that tommorow she was going somewhere with the mother and that they'll be back late.he agreed.when he was taking a walk tommorow,he bumped into her younger brother.they knew each other.after chating,he asked her where his sister was.he told him that she had gone with one of their 'distant' cousin.(a man)he sensed something according to how this boy hesitated at first.he agreed and left.she would give excuses about visiting a former school mate and would disappear the whole day this guy saw her getting in a car with another man.he called her phone and she lied saying that she was with the mother and that she was out of town.he went back to the room.then came 31st december.the PARTY as you can call it.she invited him.she was accompanied by her causin(the nurse) whom earlier had pleaded with her to dump him.this guy had lost his wallet the previouse day and was out of cash.he told the girl friend about it and she understood him.when they got to the party venue,the girl went over to her friends.he was left with the nurse who wanted him to buy her some drinks.he bought her two beers.the girl friend came back and disappeared.he stayed alone for a long time untill he became conserned.he went to look for his girl friend.all that time she was just watching him.she was with this distant causin whom he came to know as Paul.when she got back she overeacted when he asked where she was.she went away and never showed up again.on 2nd,he called her to say that he was leaving town to go back to his suprise,a man answered.when he asked where she was,he told him that she was with him.that he was the boyfriend.he demanded that he wanted to speak with her.she told him that it was over and he should forget about her.she changed the phone this guy was heart broken and he doesnt know why she left him.there was no warning at all.ever since that time it has been around 3 years.he has not been the same person.he cant maintain a relationship anymore.he cannot talk on the phone with a girl b'coz it brings back those memories.he doesnt know what he will do to move on.he is conserned about his dating status thats why he is seeking help.he is affected by the way she left this brother needs our help.dont worry he doesnt use this site,so feel free to comment.i cant imagine going through such a thing.
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has he tried going to her parents house? Maybe get in contact with her brother or mother.
Acualy,their relationship ended 3 years ago.he has been trying to get into a new relationship but it would not last long.he cant speak romanticaly on the phone with a girl because he remembers the girl that dumped him.
It is terrible what happened to your friend. Since he has a hard time dating women due to his bad experience, I think he just needs to be single until he can get over his negative feelings. He has to realize most women are not like this and there is a woman out there for him. He has to get over his ex, learn to trust again and be confident. Right now he's dwelling on the past.
welcome to HEARTACHE AND HEARTBREAK CENTRAL; we have all been there more than once; she just dumped him and took on the bigger fish in her eyes; does that mean he has no worth now? nope! he is just as valuable as ever; he is still him; they were not a match; u cant make anyone care or love u; and if they want to be true they will or they wont; its that simple; the older u get the more u see that love is a true mystery in life and its still unsolved ; tell him to do the grieving; and then open his eyes and start to just move around a bit; and slowly he will go on until the next one!
as my friend said; we love the women we dont like and like the women we dont love; i still ponder this one;
Wow,guys,that was a jigsaw puzzle.atleast i'll have something to tell it is said;a problem shared is a problem half solved
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