Thank you Winston

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.

Sir Winston Churchill

A perfect quote that works for me whenever I feel down, after facing yet another failure, whether it be real or virtual.

It is not that I am not a happy person. I have done well so far in the material world.
I have my beautiful child, my family, my cat, my friends, a job, a home and a car.

The biggest failure though, is my choice in partners. Through the years, my heart, soul and body were damaged.

Partly I blame them, partly I blame myself for not being succesful in these relationships.
I was too young, too playful, too selfish, too bored, too demanding.

It was fine then, I had my whole life in front of me. I did not care.

Now, the birth of my wee girl brought different views on how my life should be, how I want it to be.
With her entering this world, she made me responsible for making a good life for myself in the first place in order to take good care of her.

Needless to say, the first years as a single mum were not easy.
I remember the days when I was so tired, coming home from work, carrying a crying baby around the house in one arm, doing the dishes with the other hand.
And my God, did I curse the father of my wee girl!

And how I felt myself to be the biggest Failure ever to walk the earth.

Then Winston came into my life, bringing his famous quotations.
Particularly the above mentioned quote, made me feel strong again. Winston helped me through tough periods quite a few times.

It is almost four years later. My wee girl still gives me a hard time, but I guess it is part of childhood and it is okay.

I joined CS out of curiosity in the first place. I found a few fantastic people, and a few not so fantastic people.
Odd really, that virtual people are able to make one feel miserable, just as in real life. I know I am responsable for having these negative feelings, and I cannot blame the Non-Fantastics for being themselves. Winston taught me only to look at them as another failure, eventually leading to succes and not to take the responsability and blame for them.

So, even in the virtual world, Winston is there to help me sort out my emotions, with his universal wisdom locked in his famous quotations.

I don't know what my destiny is. But with all the failures I have made so far, I MUST be having a glorious future lying ahead. This thought, and this thought alone, makes me feel enthusiastic enough to stand up, dust myself off and try again.

Thank you for your wisdom Winston.
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wave carenza

Winston was a wise man,,although Jean Paul Sarte is another I like,,and one of my favourites,,maybe a little G.B Shaw,,

"You see things; and say "Why?"
But I dream things that never were,
and I say "Why not?" "

Bonne courage hug
It was wonderful what you wrote thanks for sharing it,I feel exactly like you so I understand you perfectly.
I wish that the glorious future you dream about comes to you soon never lose the enthusiasm and the hope please! cheering
I can't believe this! My husband died in September and the first book I read (I hadn't been able to read for 18 months; he had Lou Gehrig's disease) was Never Give In a compilation of Churchill's great speeches selected and edited by his grandson!

It gets better - I found out a business partner in real estate is unstable and stole (or tried to steal) from our business when he knew Jim was dying. I got a lawyer. He is also a Churchill fan and can tell wonderful stories about him.
Beautiful thread Carenza....This Winston quotation is for me to keep and remember ...angel
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