chinese girls who just got here

there are some women from china that just want to marry for the work permit,using men here in sweden.
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@ humper..he is saying the girls are not interested in being with the man..but just to marry them to get a work permit and then take others who want to marry for a green card doh
It will be your loss if a Chinese woman really loves you but you think that she just uses you to get the visa. Trust me, our women have better skills to treat their men.

And be careful. Some of them may really want to use you for the work permit. But don't tell me no Swedom women use American men for the green card. laugh
If yourself has more charm than the Sweden visa or money or work permit, then why they would want to marry for the work permit? They would love you and marry you.

But if the visa or money have more charm than yourself, then they might be just for the work permit. laugh
Surely there are Chinese women everywhere who just want the work permit, just marry to get out of China. Who can blame them?
Do not marry them then,No one is making you do it so It is not your problem.People who does it they both have benefits from that.I really do not understand people have nothing to do and judging other people for what they do witt no clue at all.Get a life man.Try to get attention with something else.You are so pathetic!!
the green card scams are best known jokes in the world- the potential for abuse and criminality from both parties are huge.
lol...well, I'm not chinese...and I don't want to marry for the work permit... and Sweden is ...gray?!?
hmmmmm... fact is, I'd marry just and only FOR THE MONEY!wink
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
That was a funny blog! wave
They really just want to make you a sweet and sour chicken !!!!
There are women around the world wanting to get married for citizenships in other countries. Like all other marriages some succeed some fail.
She gets out of China, you get laid......what's the big deal? laugh
well i dont think you need to marry a chinese girl to get laid, hell you can do that in this country, with just a phone call grin
by: baba62

there are some women from china that just want to marry for the work permit,using men here in sweden

I am sure that is sort of thing happens all over the world.
Nymphe, the question is do you? I lived in China for years and still go there often. So yes, I know a little.
However, you should try to differentiate between comments made seriously and those meant light heartedly. I can see by your photo that you are lacking humour, you should try to acquire some.
Well, I'm glad you do...And I'm honestly very, terribly sorry that YOU from all people, a writer, don't know the meaning of the word respect...moping
...well slapper... I apologize...Cold English humor is not something I'm acustomed to, that's true...
And about my least I do have a photo on.
He he, used to have a smiling pic on but then I had far too many happy_scammers contacting me...

Ms Nymphe my dear, I am sure they were happy before they contacted you...........
Come on, dont take it all toooo seriously.
hmmmm... Sounds like a "reconciliation" gesture... Is it? (One can never be too sure with you English men)...doh case you're wondering, that was Greek humor!dancing
tea...are you "watching" us?
.....where's your pop corn?wave
@humper Sometimes when we type it is hard to know if the person is joking or not. Sowwry.

And you're right, straight people do take more offense to the word queer than gay people. handshake

By the way, you should be so flattered they hit on you. laugh
Oh yea, Happy_Slapper. Whatever you said, you don't sound anything like a British. Generally British people are polite and true gentlemen, yet you struck us as stuck up and rude. Are all the people stuck themselves in their own culture in every different country? Absolutely not (except old peole!). And China has no longer lived in the past of secluding it from the outside world.

I doubt if you know well enough about the new Chinese generation nowadays since you only came here long time ago. They are equally independent and open minded, no different than the western people.

Besides, divorce rate is very high in many western countries, it does not only include the Chinese/Western marriage that fails, but also the Western/Western one. Also, there are a lot of Chinese women that have been married to Western men, and their marriage still lasts harmoniously. Many traditional Chinese women are loyal and they make very good housewives. Despite of the cultural differences, that's what makes the Chinese/Western marriage successful.

Everyone has their right to choose what they want as long as their counterpart is in agreement!

The "dumb" dude Confucius...

I just read in a book that says the readers of an important international newspaper published in Britain were recently asked to nominate the greatest person who has ever lived. There are Shakespeare, Jesus Christ, Walt Disney, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucious etc that stand in the list. So in other words, the majority of British people consider Confucious as one of the greatest person...but if you think otherwise, then the rest people of the list should be called "dumb" too.

I also notice, many foreigners are even more interested in Confucious philosophy than Chinese people themselves. People here hardly talk or think about Confucious in their daily life.
Hi Cacti! kiss

Sure I'd rather rage in a poor car than sit in an expensive car. blushing

I'm in the middle of China, nothing serious have been told here. Don't worry, I read many news about the nuclear radiation, it is not influential to China yet. But I am worried about the fish and marine products...BTW, I heard people in the Guangdong Province rush to buy iodine salt, did you go with the crowd? But this doesn't help anything, it is absurd! drinking
i am still having salt when this happened. and i guess this thing first happen in Shang hai and Zhijiang where some bad people spread rumors and cause people to rush to buy salt...
All you guys are welcome to your crappy cars. Look on the bright side, you think china is rich even though your GDP per head is ranked about 104 in the world, but you still have the famous Chinese family culture which ensures that each successive generation is as backward as the last. Dumplings I am a bit surprised at you and disappointed by your attack, I think you know me better than that and I think I deserve better. I thought that one lasting quality of Chinese women was loyalty but seems not the case with you.
Everyone should be treated the same no matter how much I know them. No priority, no exception. If you think you deserve better, just act and speak the way you really are, not boasting, distorting, or offending. I hate it when someone insult my country.
And tut mir leid, we are obviously not in the same league. scold

You belong to your Porsche, and the rest of us belongs to a Honda.

I often found rich people to exclude themselves from the most basic and simple happiness that poor people appreciate. Deepdown, rich people are very poor inside, because they never appreciate anything small to meet with their super appetite. popcorn
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