I want to explore Europe (the mediterannean in particular), and I'd like to meet a female traveling companion who wants to do the same. I was going to travel about alone,but that's becoming MORE AND MORE unsafe. I am not gay,I just want to travel about,unencumbered by a male companion!!Please get in touch if interested. Thanks!!cool banana applause
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I wouldn't say exploring europe is unsafe, How?confused
It was in 1944!!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers
I have travelled around the Globe on my own.Would'nt have it any other way.Face your Fears.When travelling on your own you actually meet lots more people that way.
I think you are wise to travel with someone...I was going to Mexico once and took three others with me. I am glad-with the sex ring people and others.
I have travelled around Europe on my own and never encounter any problem. However, it's always nicer if you have someone with you.
Be brave dear,

Have you find some one ? Wish you all the best
sounds like a great plan! good luck on finding a companion
I can't speak about the other countries..but Belgium, the UK and Malta are safe. Actually...France too.

Don't worry! Enjoy your travel! It will be great! cool
Thanks everyone far with yournpositive comments...aside from(of course the one 'man') who weighed in with 2 cents of something that he being male...would no nothing about! Oh well as I've said thank you WOMEN.
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