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I wonder what would happen if Hancock fought superman

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john hancock?
no .........wave
I think it would depend on which Superman. National Periodicals (aka DC Comics) continuously tweaks Superman's strength levels up and down (and also his historical details) either through the introduction of Supermen from other Universes while killing off this ones or just by simply changing things. The Superman of the 40s was able to leap buildings but not fly, tough skinned, but an artillery shell shrapnel could get through, and barely able to hold a car overhead. Superman of the 60s and 70s was able to ignite stars with his heat vision, crack planets in two with a punch, and on more than one occasion snuffed out volcanoes by plugging them up with an entire mountain. Then the alternate Universe crisis of the 80s in which they murdered Supergirl (her sales were slumping) and sent the Superman of the 30s and the Superboy of the 60s and 70s off to another dimension with the 1940s version of Lois Lane and replaced them and the 70s Superman on our Earth with a much weaker more touchy feely guy. His heat vision barely melts steel and he is probably totally incapable of cutting a mountain off at the base with his hands then using that mountain to plug a volcano. His strength is more akin to what we see in Man of Steel. The Superman of the 2000s is fairly weak compared to the Superman of the 70s.

<We have had about 4 new Supergirls since the first one died in battle. The current Supergirl is about twice as strong as the current Superman, allegedly due to her capsule orbiting a G class Star for several years while she was in cyrosleep. Also Powergirl (another DC Heroine) is DNA identical to this Supergirl and bad things happen when they get near each other.>

I believe Hancock could beat the 40s Superman, the one of the 80s also. There would be a draw with the one of the 2000s. However the one of the 60s & 70s could beat both their a&&es at the same time without even breaking a sweat. <Noting also in the 1970s DC/Marvel cross over series he was stronger than an angry Hulk and punched out Thor.>
Said fight i reckon would be a crowd pleaser for sure,,im thinking Hancock would be victorious,,close call though..crying blues conversing
Thank you ken19 for that detailed analysis i think you probably right
Crowd Pleaser? laugh Crowd killer is more likely.

On another website (a physics class website) there exists (using the Superman of the 60s and 70s, the guy who raced the Flash around the galaxy at the speed of light, for fun) a critique of the fight scenes in Man Of Steel.
Assuming a weight of only 230 lbs or so, nevertheless a full power punch of kick from a being that can travel at (and even surpass) light speed, even if there was little effort beyond speed of punch thrown behind the blow (i.e., no shoulder movement) the kinetic energy of that 30+ pound arm hitting at anything near light speed would be vastly greater than that of the largest H-Bomb ever detonated (the USSR's 'Tsar' warhead test of the 1970s, which released about 50 megatons of energy) or almost infinite.

That it would technically be a non-nuclear event would not matter. The fist traveling that fast would generate incredible friction with the air and literally ionize the air molecules in it's path. Lethal ionizing radiation would from an impact involving almost infinite mass traveling at C type velocities (which creates the infinite mass) (just like when an asteroid hits the Earth at a mere 1,000 MPS (miles per second)) shower everything around. The friction temperatures alone would be on the level of a solar event. Upon impact there would be incredible shock waves, more temperature and of course a seismic event probably approaching 12 on the Richter scale. With the very first punch from either Zor-el or Kal-el a glowing crater 30 or more miles wide would probably mark the spot where Metropolis had once been. The seismic shockwaves would probably level many other cities and trigger all sorts of spin-off earthquakes and tsunami events. The cloud of dust produced by the obliteration of the city would probably equal or surpass that produced by Krakatoa (which created a short cooling of the earth (nuclear winter effect) and produced strange sunsets for years) and many food crops would fail. Obliteration of the entire Earth would probably be totally dependent on whether or not the punch was thrown and landed 200 miles up in the air, or with one or both participants standing on the Earth. Lois, Perry, Jimmy, all those folks would have in nano seconds gone the way of the shadow folk of Hiroshima, but no one would see the shadows because the shock wave and earthquakes would obliterate those walls too.
LoL, Hancock would probably want no part of that fight.
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