Social or antisocial

Do you think sites such as :

Snapchat etc
Are making people social or antisocial?

Does it hurt more to be unfriended online or ignored on the street comfort

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It kinda hurts when you cant punch someone in the face ...uh oh
I think its a social activity where there are opportunities to say things we can’t to real life friends
Dedovix. ..
That would depend if you are the puncher or the punched cool
Palm so is that social or antisocail
So, you dare to question the social virtues of CS?
i wish someone told me that earlier uh oh
Strange you have used


behaviour showing high moral standards

And social :

needing companionship

Can the two co-exist in today's society

Hello Oww,

Welcome to the blogs. I feel it has made me more social.
cheers jon
You don't think people spend more time online than they do interacting in the real world?

uh oh
Cut out the smart talk Obe and say why aren't you now chatting elswhere.tongue
Oww....this online internet stuff can be addicting and make you lose site around the realities that surround you. I suppose if one is mindful of that.
I can chat to people all around the world from the comfort on my arm chair
Yet I don't remember the last time I spoke to the person living next door or even know their name.

Now isn't that scary
Bloody don't derail my blog I'm on a roll here...

rolling on the floor laughing
Sticks and stones will break my bones
Words will never hurt me

Social media rules.
Swing girl me thinks your not a newbie but welcome and may you be social in this antisocial place called CS

sad flower
Not a newbie at all been here a few years not been around much

Thank you hug
Not pretending to be new ?????????????? I have history !!!!!!!!!!!!
Whats your problem ???????????????

You dont want anyone commenting on the blogs? dunno Sorry. Cant oblige you. I promise to avoid yours though.

Classic antisocial behaviour
You are welcome to post comments wherevery you like that is how the blogs function

My comment was that you appeared too confident and comfortable to be new.

I'm not new. Joined CS well before you did.

*ah - delusional. Typical*

I'm not a troll (okay, that accusation made on another blog, but I have nothing further to say on that blog)

*ah - classic denial pattern.*

What's your problem?

*ah - instant aggressive reflex*

Well, diagnose this one - Social media is turning some people insane. And I may be one of them, but I'm pretty sure I just spotted another.

Mr. Kenobi, Didn't take you long, the lure of this place is strong, the darkside is your friend, speaking of which, I enjoy unfriending people on FB, snapchat is for children, tinder, tried it no one within 500km, Social media allows you to be anyone, no one doubts you have a manaconda size d*ick or that you are genderfluid.
How can you diagnose my state of mind unless you are living in my reality '-)
And no one is inside me head except the voices .....
frustrated bouquet
Indeed map or the man of 1000 faces
Thats a lot of faces, but one tries! being 2 faced is old fashioned

girlonaswing seems to be the breath of fresh air badly missed in these hallowed halls of depravity and where trousers smell of urine and sadness............welcome whomever you are!
The same old map never miss a chance to entice another woman into your harem , do your loins never grow weary and your seed supply grow low.tongue
Ob, Its called being polite, There are always vacancies in the harem, some leave, some retire, some get committed to asylums, the seed of my loins is always fruitful in the belly of my women tongue rolling on the floor laughing
My opinion, swings and roundabouts... The nature of the way people interact has changed. you might have made more friends meeting at the milk bar on a friday night in the 50's, but to chat with somebody from Europe etc. would have been out of the question.
No doubt you'll label my as a troll for pointing it out, the same person who would be an arsehole at the milk bar would also be one on the internet.
Not at all pat you have said it perfectly.
And you wear your mask so eloquently.
Times change but arseholes only pucker.
The pitch may change but the smell is always offencive
They are only as Social/Antisocial as the person using them .
Your little conversation with Pat just now is a classic example of that. wave
Thank you non without your concerns about the disfunctional elements who would he here to keep us all safe
Someone walks into my house wearing a mask and acting like they have been on one too many bad acid trips I'm not going to offer them the hand of friendship ... to be a victim you have to let yourself be victimized

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

So you bring the hurt your going to know you've been in a battle

very mad
is easy been sociable behind closed doors
JohnJim I think it's even easier to be antisocial on your keyboard

for some I suppose it is
I spend a solid 8 hours interacting with people. Virtual is a nice break while still socializing
Palm just read your profile "not looking for crazy "

Then you have come to the wrong place

I would say more social by default and more antisocial by default.

Let me explain my thought process (as though I actually have a thought process)

More social by default because you can most certainly has contact with so many more people with the stroke of a key or swipe of the thumb. Although it isn't face to face it is still a means of communication that can elicit a emotional response for many.

More antisocial by default for the same reason...some have a nasty habit of being extremely brave and rude with their comments while sitting safely at home when you know very well that they would never make the comments face to face.

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