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Well! I NEVER! (3)

Apr 10, 2021 3:36 PM CST Well! I NEVER!
OrzzzOrzzzPortage, Wisconsin USA64 Threads 8 Polls 550 Posts
How easy when old to look at people and wonder if they missed the train when they said brains. Look at those young people carry on. In MY day. No, we didn't do that. But..we did other dumb stuff. Hit the bars and get drunk. Why do people do that?confused I...yeah..I did. Maybe with more finesse and thinking than most..but in 20s..did it too. Drive like a nut. Why can't they drive sensible. I never...well...laugh roll eyes
With age comes wisdom. Or at least sense. Are todays young more reckless? Dumber. I like to think so. But, I am sure my parents generation thought the same. You know..those ones who drank moonshine, danced til they dropped in contests, tipped over outhouses and raced those 32 Fords.
Time moves on and people never change.cheers
Apr 10, 2021 4:04 PM CST Well! I NEVER!
well, people change in a way that walks hand in hand with technology. Not all children goes to pubs or drink alcohol, well, believe me, I have had a lot of hangovers during my youth. 20 glasses was minimal, now I get an hangover from 8 small cans. So I try to stop by 6 cans, usually. But due to corona and no possibility to do much work I am bored and start drinking more again. Some people never learn.
But I bet in the future there will be some technology that helps you to avoid an hangover. Actually the technology is already there, don't drink. But every generation has it's habits, his type of popmusic, this is the generation of the Ipad and smartphones, which causes damage to the eyesight already. My generation might be the generation of the computers, but also videorecorders, taperecorders, walkman's etc. The genration before me was mostly the generation building up the country after the war.

But bad habits never seem to change. Only criminal behaviour becomes more brutal by the years, seems to be the criminals want to be worse than their ancestors, or maybe it's things they learn on the internet, television etc.
Apr 10, 2021 4:29 PM CST Well! I NEVER!
OrzzzOrzzzPortage, Wisconsin USA64 Threads 8 Polls 550 Posts
I say it took a million years for man to climb out of the caves and trees. And now seems more and more are climbing back up. Cycles tho. Once people cheered at gladiators, hangings and burnings. All before it was broadcast via media.dunno
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