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RE: Buckingham Palace 11:30 A.M. ... I’ve often wondered how they do it

doh laugh You are a brat,l you know.

RE: Are we that much different to animals ??

Humans have higher intelligence and hands to allow us to create the tools needed to dominate other animals. That is the only difference. It allows man to kill for fun, which most animals dont. It allows man to torture their prey and each other,which animals don't. A kill is to be fast and sure.
Other than that, humans follow natures instincts for all animals. Eat or be eaten. Survive. Breed.
We use speech as a sign of superiority. Except for vocal cords, animals have language each understands.
I speak to my cats, sheep, mule and chickens. For the most part, they are superior to me because they have learned MY language. I do talk cat and chicken to mine. They have a language. It is man's egotisim that makes him think because he can't speak theirs, they are inferior. Wrong, man is because animals have been proven to learn language of humans. If we ever create tech that can allow them to speak human, hold your ears and find out how stupid they think WE are.
We assume intellect. Follow a deer trail. Through brush. We cut a trail..they immediately use it instead. You call THAT dumb? Watch a cat or dog, horse or cow figure out the most complex locks we use. NOT dumb.
I have lived with animals my entire life. They are very nice "people". They love or hate and let you know immediately which they feel towards you. Humans are the sneaky ones.

RE: School Buses Don't Need Seatbelts

doh laugh Talk about an adventure...NOT!comfort

RE: Kamala Harris the makings of a first woman President

Yep. Perfect elitist, egotistical, self possessed, know it all, Washington politician, bought and paid for. Back Door Harris. Poor chump Biden. Course, he probably has his orders and like a good little boy, obeys.

RE: Navy tests use of NETS to trap migrants in the Channel as record numbers illegally cross

Laws should clarify that setting foot on land doesnt work anymore. Patrol the shores. Immediately grab them up, load them into a patrol boat. Sink the one they used, scrap it, trash, whatever. Then motor back to where they came from immediately and dump them back in the country they left. Cost too much to fly them to homelands.
I just can't get the mentality. What do they think..reach a rich country and get a free ride? Get taken in, educated, housed, fed and given a job? What about a nations own homeless and unemployed? What needs to be done is flood their precious internet with photos and descriptions of nations jobless, homeless and indigent. Counter the stupidity that our nations streets are lined with gold, just waiting for more people.
Send more of them back to the camps or even homelands with the correct stories.
Cows always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. We need to get through to them, the other side has nettles, sand, scrub and butchers just like theirs.frustrated very mad

RE: How big a spreadsheet do you need for all your Ex’s good points and bad points?

ARGH.. long not lone! Stupid fingers.frustrated

RE: How big a spreadsheet do you need for all your Ex’s good points and bad points?

Pros and cons, guess the pros would win. Main issue was Peter Pan syndrome. He died of a heart attack at 53. Makes me sad. I wonder if we had stayed together, if I could have saved him. But, he had a wife again and she couldn't so guess no saving an idependent male.
We married out of high school and faced the world together. Problem was I grew up and wanted to nest and he didn't. He was the one who called it, because I believed in my vows. Made me divorce him cause it would look better. I got the satisfaction of having him tell me years later it was the dumbest thing he ever did, to want a divorce from me. I thanked him.
He built me up, gave me strength and a life lone hobby by teaching me mechanics. RIP.blues teddybear sad flower

RE: Dating With A Disability

Depends. I cared for my husband after he became invalid, 20 years. Take it on now with someone I hadn't been married It was hard and to old now for sure. I know a gal neighbor, nurse, heavy set, who married a guy in wheelchair she took care of. They had a good marriage.
I had a woman say to me there was no way she would have been doing what I was. She would have divorced. Met a guy in wheelchair, his wife bailed. But, he said his fault, drove her away.
Love is a crazy thing. Fall in love deep enough and nothing matters.
I read a book of circus freaks. Guy married gal who was two working bottom halfs and sired kid on both. A guy called caterpillar man due to the onesie he wore. Born with no arms or legs and moved like a worm. Married and sired a dozen kids.
Like I said, don't stress over finding someone and there is a chance to meet, fall in love and marry.
Dad had two sayings. One was love and potatos are two of a kind. Both have eyes and both are blind. The other was every pot has it's lid.thumbs up

RE: Solar Energy

I give up on solar. All I have are the solar motion lights. I also have a sun enclosure off the kitchen door with black soda cans hanging and floor. I am so socked in with trees and the bluffs it is useless. The earth has moved over my lifetime here so the sun in January and on barely shows over the bluffs. I can't even get a dish for TV.
Neighbor put up a turbine long ago. Fix or repair every few month. Drove close neighbors batty with the whoop whoop whoop and flickering. He had 25K into it plus the repairs. Always some part breaking. He finally had it and sold it off as a losing proposition.
I can't see the cost even though my hill is super windy. It is up to companies, not the poor slobs.
I even have gone into battery lights cause can count on them more.doh

RE: Harvest & Halloween Chat

The idea of the fire is ancient. A bonfire must be lit and kept burning til dawn to ensure the sun returns in spring. Another idea is a fire in the hearth. On Sanheim the curtain between living and spirits is open. One builds a fire in the hearth to welcome the spirits of the beloved who have passed. Hoping they will return to bestow blessings on those loved ones still alive.
When I was a child, the neighbor was going to take her son and daughter into town to trick or treat. She told mom I should go along. I was all for it. Dad said NO. But..crying NO. He said he had enough money to buy his child candy and she didn't need to go door to door begging candy. Mom tried to explain trick/treat to him to no avail. She explained to me that when he was growing up in Germany, he saw kids begging and that is how it looked to him. She talked him into a compromise though. So late that evening we drove to the neighbor. Mom and dad visited with them while their kids and I ran around outside and played.
I am now into cosplay and costumes for Halloween. But, don't decorate anymore. It is just about buying decor now and not the imagination of making stuff. Commercialized like everything.scold sigh

RE: The Curse of Pompeii

Part of Tuts deaths was attributed to mold spores when they opened the tomb. If there was a curse than I should be dead because I saw the Tut exhibit. As has millions. The only curse is that they had to close the tomb tomb off due to all the sweating, breathing tourists wrecking it.doh

RE: School Buses Don't Need Seatbelts

Bus in country was no fun either. I got picked up about first. Ice cold bus. Sat behind driver so I could be by heater next to him. Always sicky. Found out as adult when working on cars..everyone of those blasted heaters leaked anti-freeze so I was breathing that smell.
Rode around for an hour as picked up all the kids. And some lardo had to eat an apple on the way so that smell added to motion sickness.
Walk down long drive and wait for bus standing in snow. Mom watched from window and after fifteen minutes or half hour would holler come back to house. Get half way and theres the damn bus!
First off in pm at least.
We ended up stuck at a farm on winter. Dumb driver tried to make the side road and hill in the blizzard. School days...tongue mumbling

RE: Do you like your bacon well done??

It's pork so has to be cooked all the way. Nice and crispy. I started to make it in microwave. Actually works better than frying. Have to take time to do it right, but crispy and the meat part doesnt end up a rock.

RE: School Buses Don't Need Seatbelts

Today's brats don't need belts. They need harnesses and muzzles. Belts would be good, but pity the driver trying to get all the kids in them and stay in them!
A neighbor used to drive bus, drunk by morning already.
I rode bus all school years. One drive loaded from back to front. One the bus was constant bedlam. The main driver for a long time put up with nothing. One time he slammed the brakes on to dead stop. He looked back through the mirror. We sat there for the longest time til everyone shut up. He said we would sit there til EVERYONE sat down and SHUT up. We did. He had 8 kids of his own. No kid was going to get the better. He kicked a boy off once near his house. And made him walk home, followed behind slowly til he made it. Now adays, no way drivers can disapline. So bus makers try to make safe seating.dunno

RE: Have you ever been in an ambulance?

Choppers can be a life saver. But, wonder when transfers from hospital to hospital, if they are over used. My past tenant nailed a deer with bike. In local hospital, which is a good one. They called Medflight. Thousands of dollars to send him to UW major hospital in capital city. They mis-diagnosed injuries to start with. Then said he would heal without treatment and sent him home by ambulance, 60 miles. He was home a day and ended up in local again when catheter plugged. Local said NO broken collarbone. And brain bleeding would heal on it's own.
I know if something happened I would say local or none. No Med-flight. We did have a couple crash and kill people too.

RE: A discussion on smiling

Not big on smiling. I tend to respond more than initiate. Too used to living around animals. When they show teeth..RUN!laugh Humans are the only animal that smiles. Smile at an animal and it views it as a threat.
hmmm...politicians?confused rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Have you ever been in an ambulance?

Only as passenger with husband. He went many times by ambulance. They differ as to private or hospital or city. Most were decent people. Some really nice and understanding, a couple times, jerks.
I remember one time they sent the ambulance to transport. A woman and two men. One man and the woman were so fat they could hardly walk themselves. I thought how the heck do these people manage to move, lift and all the patients. Can't believe they got hired.
Same with taxi wheelchair drivers. One time the guy was so old and decrepit, I feared for husband AND driver. Couple of times drivers were barely competent to handle riders in wheelchairs.
It is not an easy job to do. And not everyone is willing to deal with all the issues they confront. I know no way I would want the job.uh oh

RE: Can anyone posting in the cs forums still wear clothes they wore in college; high school maybe?

Dont get me started on sizes!mumbling I wore a size 8 in high school. Then went to 7. Now WTH? One size that fits no one. Or size ZERO? What if that is too big? Negative sizes?
Tried on a pair of pants once..thought tag said 7. Came out and asked clerk, these are a bit loose, is there a smaller size. She said no, 3 is the smallest..huh? These are 7s. No, 3s. I checked tag...sure enough they said 3. I said I didn't wear a 3 when I WAS 3!doh
Now sizes are all over the board. My closet has small to xl, 4 to 9 and anything in a range of sizes. Makes shopping on line and store a pain. China runs small..unless they don't. England has this size, India that.
Gal mentioned to me, watch sizes cause now XL and larger changed and run sizes like 7,8...instead of 24, 26... Oh great! More confusion!!very mad

RE: The subject of prudes

What surprises me is often the more prudish are men. In restaurant once after bar time, with friends. Gal walks in wearing transparent blouse and nada underneath. Guy I hung with who was wild and crazy said terrible. What does she think..might as well be naked and leave blouse off!scold I was very surprised..figured guys like it.
Farmers around here wore shirts buttoned to neck and t shirts under.
I see we all get more prudish with age. And have our own idea of what is proper. What shocks one, doesnt the other.
I always dressed sexy, but had issues with gals who dressed too rad. Like the hip hugger pants with panties sticking above. Or short short shorts that showed half their butts.
Fashions change. Ancient times a country was the habit, women wore dress that exposed one breast. If she would have exposed the opposite instead, would have been censored. Go figure.
We all have our ideals. I admire beauty, but look down on women with figure issues who think a mini skirt or bare minimum clothes look good. I know my dress changed with passing age.sigh

RE: Hot Rods and Motorcycles

Husband and I riding..his chopper Sportster, my chopper Triumph. As usual, he is ahead. I am wearing full garb.Harley coat, gauntlet leather gloves, jeans, boots and helmet with bubble shield. Something crashes my faces shield..bug.. YEOW!! wow I slam the brakes and pull over. Unzip jacket. As usual, I have halter top on under hot leathers. There lies a dying bumble bee! Husband is back by now.dunno I said would you believe that this bee hit my shield, slid down and found the TWO #^&$&* inches of opening in clothes and lived long enough to sting my breast bone!?frustrated frustrated frustrated
A bro, Knuckle, was driving his car once with leather coat. Sleeve not zipped. Arm resting on door in open window. Bee went up his sleeve and started to sting the bejeebers out of him. He slammed brakes, pulled over and jumped out doing a bee dance.rolling on the floor laughing
Ever wonder what passer bys think?laugh uh oh confused

RE: In My Bunker _____

Water, dried beans, cornmeal, dried milk, rice...and LOTS of ammo.

RE: Can anyone posting in the cs forums still wear clothes they wore in college; high school maybe?

Some still fit. I went from size 7 shoe to 8. Had to dump my hip huggers tho. Wore them skin tight and my skin got thicker.laugh doh I weigh the same. Still have same basic figure. But, with age, things rather settled, so hips spread and thighs got thicker.
My saying is your innies become outies, uppies become downies..and you get taller cause things that fall on the floor are farther away.dunno

RE: Hot Rods and Motorcycles

Spent yesterday pm painting tru-fire on my boarders Mariner. He said will drive it into the ground so do whatever. What gets me is the first side never turns out as well as the second. Was going to do the back sides today, but his work called him in on day usual!
I tried to do a photo with post images, but this time it just wants to send links and not post the pic. Oh well. It worked once awhile ago.
I dig the one with the machined bumper and fenders. But that raw steel cost bucks.

RE: What is wrong with people from Africa ?

You have it. As an old person, my view of Africa is of small, poor, uneducated villages of blacks. Too many movies of leaping Watusi. Even Black Panther portrayed villages and native garb. So relating to Africa is clouded by that. Logic says there are cities with sky scrapers, college educated, upper middle classes. But, that pertains more to South Africa.With the history of SA, those are figured as whites. And the perception is that those on date sites are either poor or looking for a free hand out or hand up. Sorry.dunno

Who hates the BLM?

I had hopes that people actually read threads. Apparently there are the dogs with a bone who never read and just rant their little whines everywhere.
I think of the Bureau EVERYTIME I see the letters. As usual, no group can every come up with an acronym of their own. There has been lots of media about how oil companies, miners and recreationists, archeologists and indigenous peoples have butted heads with the BLM. Yet all certain people read media for is to pick out their bones so they can continue their whining. Yet as with both BLMS, most do nothing BUT, whine.
If you are one of those protesters, why not go out west and join the protests against destruction of natural wonders? Or misuse of resources by greedy corporations?dunno
Oh, I know..they are the trending of the week.scold tongue roll eyes

Who hates the BLM?

This is NOT about the blamed Black lives political junk. READ people and take your protest junk elsewhere!
It is about the Bureau of LAND MANAGEMENT! Those educated morons who tell you what and where and how ,about public lands like parks. Who tell ranchers and farmers how to raise cattle or water crops. Whether you can off road or fish in national parks. Rock hunt or dig for fossils. Drill for oil or mine. Government who thinks DC owns the land and the people don't count. Rich get special dispensation to build or recreate and the ordinary guy is told to stay out.
BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT!!!very mad doh mumbling frustrated

RE: Does the Age matter???

What is bad about being over 70 is the risk of dying. It can always happen at any time, but more chance with more age. The Queen is what?? 87 or something. Still going at it. My question is why does one want to? I have a different attitude than when younger. More set in ways. And more jaded. I have no desire to work outside the home or hold office. One can pretend all they want that you are only as young as you feel. Yeah? Well the mornings when one feels old way outnumber the ones when one feels young.
Old age means less able to deal with change. Less capable dealing with tech and the stupidity of the young.
What was normal when young is not what is normal now. The times have changed. And old people find it way harder to deal with those changes.
I can't see why a man wants to sire a child at 70 or older. My dad was 54 when I was born. It was a job for him to deal with an active, yammering child. Now that I am old, I have no patience for attitudes. Hard enough to get up in the morning, be active all day and deal with this new world. How can people as old as Trump and Biden deal with the new ways of the world. Why do they WANT to!frustrated confused
With age comes wisdom. But also ideas that may be past expiration date. And health that tires one faster and more often. We need leaders who are mature and hopefully age brings that. But, there is also over ripe. We don't need to worry will our leader wake up tomorrow. And know what is going on!sleep confused

RE: No saviour: Airlifted Ethiopian Jews face racism in Israel

From what I see, the Jews in Israel have become what they hated. Instead of being grateful to have a land stolen from others, to call their own..they seek to land grab more. The past has had annexation of land, war fought to grab land and an ego trip about how great Israel is.
There is issue in the US. Young Jews don't remember the holocaust as anything more than history. They don't have the same feeling toward a "homeland". Israel is worried because the young generation doesn't send donations as much. American Jews are divorcing themselves from Israel and see the atrocities
being done in the name of Jews.
Racism, religion'ism, elitism and hated for non Jewish are becoming more and more prevalent in Israel. They whine about having their property stolen, but have no compunction about stealing land to make settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.
What hypocrites they are. Now they are the aggressors, with lack of compassion.

RE: Panic buying across UK amid second lockdown fears as supermarket shelves cleared

So..will I have issues laying in winter supplies? I grew up stocking up...snow bound in winter thing. My house is set for it, huge basement pantry. Standard to be able to stay on farm for a month to three in winter.
I can't believe the people who shop every day for something they are out. Day 1, bread. Day two, paper product. Day 3 a BAR of soap. Yee gods..every hear of a shopping list!?frustrated doh
Buy on sales and as much as sensible, that you can use. If it is way cheap, why buy one and then run out and pay full in a week?
As far as TP goes, aren't their closets and spare bedroom still stacked to the ceiling from last time?rolling on the floor laughing

Who hates the BLM?

Try reading my post. Not black lives..BLM stands for Bureau of Land Management.

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