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RE: What Is The Worst Question You Could Ask On Your First Date?

Do you have a prescription for the blue pill yet?

let there be glitter.

As a near sighted kid who refused glasses..two things stuck out in my world. Bright colors like red and things that shone or glittered. That set me on the path to love colors like reds, purples and glitter. I live in a time of glory. Glitter is everywhere on everything. Rhinestones flourish. Paper with glitter, decor with glitter. and jars and jars of glitter.
So today I took silver glitter wrapping paper and covered a cardboard box. And the floor. And my pants. And the cat who just HAD to step in it. Apparently, the company didnt know how to adhere the glitter well.
I read up on glitter. How is it made. Found out it is foiled or colored plastic that is then shredded to tiny pieces. And that it is an environmental hazard.dunno I dont know that it can be that much worse than regular plastic that disintegrates in the oceans. And something called German glitter. And how to make it. So...I got a glass blue "gem" from a bag from Dollar Tree. Took in outside and wrapped it in heavy paper and got a hammer and smashed the daylights out of it. Checked and hit the bigger chunks. The surprise that I questioned is unlike broken glass with shards, it does crush to finer bits. I dont know that I want to rub it between fingers hard. But, can handle without slivers. Smash too much and back to sand. Now to smash some more and then try to glue to something and see how it looks.
But, I still go ape for that shiny silver and holographic glitter. Of course, crystal is cool. Saw a photo of a Mercades covered in rhinestones. Now THAT is MY kind of car.applause banana heart1

RE: Deep old age relationships?

I would say that person will die alone. They have spent their life their way and no one ever met their impossible list. It is silly to think things are different now.
Long ago I had a talk with one of my tenants. He had the knack for bar floozies. After we got rid of the last one he said to me that he figured he had to change and that he would be different for another gal. I told are 43 years old. You are set in your ways and not going to change. You either find someone who wants you as you are or give it up.
We change some with the right mate. But, those changes are minor. Our true nature stays the same.
I guess I have been lucky. Each time I lost a mate, I found the next one that fit my time in life. Perhaps there has been a common thread, but yet each has been unique. Just what I need at that age and place in the world.

RE: U.S. President Joe Biden is a Racist

This racist card is getting old. The nut jobs jump anytime anyone goes against anything. They would be yelling racist if you shut the door on a rabid dog because he had black fur! Enough already!very mad
Next they will protest egg farmers who raise white leghorn hens. They are racist because they dont have black hens.
Every race is racist against some other races. It is part of nature.
When Trump banned China..he was racist. Now Biden bans Africa and he is racist. Why dont these idiots get a life. Oh, I know..they are the spoiled flakes who must have attention.frustrated

RE: The Mask

Wisconsin has a high number of people who wear masks. I avoid leaving my farm and definitely wear a cloth over N95 if I have to be in a store. What gets me is the idiots with it under their nose. Uh..where do viruses live the most? And dont you breath out of your nose!?doh
Dane county has extended their mask mandate the third time to Dec. 22.
I like the mask idea. I hate colds, flu and for sure covid. So it just makes sense in winter to wear them. Plus warmer. Plus cuts down on makeup.laugh thumbs up
Numbers are going up and up around the US. Gee...maybe has to do with people who have the dumb idea shots give immunity? And the fact that bored simple minds must be entertained at all times because they cant stand their own company?roll eyes

RE: What Is The Worst Question You Could Ask On Your First Date?

What are your feelings on three somes?rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Who is your Best Friend Forever on CS?

A gal from Green Bay and a couple other gals.

RE: Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?

Ok...first..Wisconsin has been open carry since forever. My dad carried his revolver when checking on trespassers. I have worn a hog leg much of my life around the farm. Long ago I surprised a burglar in my house and kicked him out while holding my gun. The friend I had with said I should call the sheriff. He said if stuff missing, good to have it on file. So I did. Dispatch said closet cop was other side of county and would be there in a half hour.doh Now if I wasn't armed, what would I do. Invite the burglar to sit down and have a cup of coffee while we waited?frustrated roll eyes
I have never taken a gun to town. First off, pain. Has to be unloaded, stored in trunk, re-loaded to wear, unload etc. When working nights in grocery store once, late at night, guy walked in wearing a hog leg. I thought..hmmm...thats interesting. But, not worried. A cop happened to stop and he stood talking to the guy at the magazine stand where he had stopped. Guess he knew him. Maybe law too?
I never worried about guns I see...just those hidden.
I think the concealed carry is dumb. I WANT the people to know I am armed. On a farm, alone..I am my protector. From people and varmints like coyotes and coons or possums who think my livestock are lunch.
What do people think kids today think. First spoiled rotten to get their way. Second, raised on violent video games with no knowledge of what real guns are nor real death. Hey..just hit re-set right?dunno
I see the problem is no education on guns. I grew up with them. Dads revolver sat in his closet loaded. I had orders to never go in the closet and NEVER touch it. I knew what death was..from hunted animals and what I would get from dad if I touched any of his guns. Rack of them in our library were not loaded but still. Never point a gun at anything unless to use it.
Kyle was a stupid 17 year old who ran head on into the real world of riots and criminal minded adults.doh

RE: Who was the first U.S. president to pardon a real animal Turkey.

No idea and think it is the dumbest thing ever. Those are hybrid birds who if lucky, live 3 years before croaking. I had a bronze tom pet. At 2 he got epilepsy. He went nutso at 3 and died soon after.
So those saved toms go to a farm and die in a couple years.
And..could they have found any rattier looking birds! frustrated doh The tail feathers are have mangles, wing feathers bent and missing. Guess Biden deserves crappy birds.

RE: What Climate Seasons Do You Hate The Most?

Winter! Did I mention winter? Actually the cold and snow. But, one winter when it was warm enough to work outside the whole 4 months, realized I need winter. Talked to my field renter and we agreed. Got lots done but now it was time to do spring work and we were tired! We need winter to rest and relax.frustrated

RE: charms of a woman

Read a joke.. old couple...sitting at table for breakfast. He is buttering his toast and shes staring at him. Suddenly she leaps up screaming..just butter it already. You are driving me nuts...every blasted day for 30 years. He gapes at her..huh..if it bothered you why didnt you say something.She says cause it never bothered me til today
Find the right gal and the right guy and you too can drive each other nuts for decades.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Would You Take an AR-15 to a Riot?

Maybe take a tank? Nope..better idea is to stay far away from idiots rioting. People are protesting the verdict and dont even know why. I saw a sign that said he was a racist killer.dunno confused Uh...he is white and shot 3 WHITE dudes! Where the H does that have to do with racism?
Kenosha is quiet. People want to get on with their lives. Rioting is elsewhere that has nothing to do with Wisconsin. Just an excuse to loot and destroy. Hey...time to do your Christmas stealing!head banger

RE: Primarily for the U.S. and territories…

Oh, you had to start didnt you...very mad thumbs up Anyone who goes with an advantage plan is a fool. I see the ads, get the mail, get the robo calls. YOU can get free premiums. You can get the silver sneaker, gym, dental, glasses, hearing aids and on and on.
Plain and simple. The government was set to ban advantage plans. What happened to that?dunno confused What an advantage plan is is actually private insurance. An insurance company TAKES OVER your medicare. And runs it as they see fit. You can get cash added back to your SS. Sure if you meet the poverty limits set by GOVERNMENT. IF not..too bad so sad. Good chance to get that free premium too. Or you get it. And then try to see a doctor. Deny, deny, deny. Remember which drugs the plan covers and which hospital and which doctors. Want to see a specialist..only if it is referred by your network doctors. Which may change next year. That drug..guess what, the advantage plan insurer decided not to cover it anymore. Sorry. Now we get to co-pays. Get ready to anti-up. Oh...surprise..that anesthesiologist the hospital used wasn't in that advantage plan NETWORK, so you owe him $25,000. oops... tongue
That great dental coverage..two CLEANINGS per year. Period. Whoopie.
Now we get into medigap. I have the Wisconsin equivalent of G. The full one of F has been done away with. But, silly anyway cause G pays it all but the couple hundred part B.
The best plans are N and G. N doesn't pay for any extra costs a doc decides to tack on. People in good health use N. But, N is discretionary. They think you will cost money..sorry. Out. G is by law, to take everyone and anyone.
N is cheaper. But, if you are in G and then want to do N, ask them pretty please. Same thing to change insurance companies with N. If you have major medical costs, you can get denied or charged more.
I went with G even if cost is higher. IF I ever get sick...IF I ever see a doctor...I dont want any surprises like that $65,000 cancer surgery is only half payed for.
Bottom NOT go with an advantage plan. You are putting your self into the hands of an INSURANCE company that controls YOUR medicare.
Your turn..take over.thumbs up

Sesame Street fails.

Now that you point it out..anime does show a lot of round eyes. I forsee with the mingling of all nations, someday we will all carry the same features and color. Sad. Nature created a vast variety of creatures that fit their habitat. And in humans, we have a goal to eliminate diversity.
I agree..what the H is going on with these huge butts. It is mind boggling. I know the Hotten Tot women were known for them. And they were desired because they were thought of as superior child bearers. But, now I see them more and more on a variety of women. And it is not all cosmetic. Most are born with that proclivity.
Some are so huge clothes, chairs and even doorways must be difficult.
They say the increase in bust size is due to soy. So what is the cause for huge butts. Saddle bags I get, but not a massive rear!wow
Back to anime... when I do cosplay, there are tons of gals who do the anime little girl look. Some are Asian. But some are others. I know Japan has a thing for nubile young tiny girls. And it is freaky that the gals who portray them from anime dont realize the under tone of the character.

RE: charms of a woman

Her ability to put up with a mans ego and baloney.roll eyes

RE: what are you most afraid of in an attack?

Actually, most afraid of a mis-fire on MY gun.

Herd question

The biggest joke is that the powers that be are shocked that numbers are climbing. Gee..wonder why. Maybe because idiots who heard immunity? And a summer of people acting like they are good to go..concerts, sporting events, gatherings, fairs, vacations and then stuffing kiddies back into schools?frustrated So the unvaxed get blamed for the rise when it is now proving out the vaxed are spreading covid and ending up in hospital!
Now they want booster #3. And hey..lets do 4! Now Biden has authorized a billion dollars to Pfizer for their new pill to cure covid since their shots are junk.
I would like to know how much stock our leaders have in Big Pharma.very mad doh

RE: When You Were A Kid....What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

frustrated Please slap yourself!laugh roll eyes

Sesame Street fails.

Saw on the news that they have a new character to add to their attempt at diversity. Their statement is that they wish kids to see characters that look like them. Uh..bland cookie cutter?
The new girl is age 7 and Asian. Then why does she possess the same huge round eyes of the other characters? Asians have folds that make their eyes appear to slant. The lack the deep creases of other races. I know there is a trend in Asia for women to get eye surgery to appear Caucasian.
What statement does this new girl present to kids. So when an Asian girl looks in the mirror, she does not see huge round eyes like the character.
PC is not avoiding differences in humans. It is showing them and making them normal and desirable.
If Sesame Street wants to include, then make the characters real, not avoid what makes a kid unique.
When I grew up, I saw 99% Caucasian. To see someone other was special and made me interested. I was curious, not scared. Racism is often a product of exposure. We fear the unknown. Dont teach kids that everyone looks the same. They dropped the ball.

RE: Wearing a mask saves lives ..

Good ones.rolling on the floor laughing I wear a mask. About the only thing feasible in town. Plus makes getting ready so much faster. Eye makeup and screw the rest.thumbs up Guess the makeup companies are hurting. No lipstick, no blush, contouring.
At my age...a mask is a beauty ASSET!laugh

RE: When You Were A Kid....What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

The one that counted..paleontologist. But there were side ones. Sheep farmer in Australia. Model..til mom told me I was too short, fat and buxom. (see Twiggy the ideal back then.) Plus the nasty side of modeling. I did end up doing photography modeling years later. Science was always thought about. College was thought of to do major in Archeology with minors in Anthropology and Paleontology due to limits of schools here. At the end Lawyer. End married and stayed on farm.thumbs up

RE: Care worker sacked for refusing Covid vaccination

A law called HIPA(sp) was passed in the US. It prohibits health care from giving info about a patient. Of course, companies circumvent it. And a partner is prohibited from their partner in the hospital cause not married. Or cant see their kid if divorced.
Yet when it comes to covid and the shot, all privacy flies the coop.
There is a rule in life that every journey starts with the first step. And the next and so on until one falls off a cliff.
My privacy is not open to a store. Oh it is for the public good. Sure it is. I just heard a care facility of fully vaccd residents and staff all got covid. 80 of them. And 8 died. Oh, but they were due for the booster. Now I heard talk of a 4th. Big Pharma just cant let go of their cash cow can they?
What will be next? Mandate flu shots even though half the time less than 20% effective. Maybe company can order women to be on the pill because if she gets PG, then has to take time off, which makes a burden on co-workers to take on her duties.
If you remember, once all hospitals did circumcisions on boy babies. No questions allowed.
Why? Because way back when, hospital had Jewish drs. So without consent, all boys were consecrated to a Hebrew god. It became the norm until people started to question it. And hospitals had to obtain consent first.
When we allow private companies and the government to tell us what to take or not..there is the danger. Perhaps we need to take anti-depression pills for the public good. Maybe all old women should have hysterectomies to prevent cancer. Or mastectomies. Do prostate surgery on men as preventative measures. Remember when Downs people were sterilized? All to prevent hospitals from being over whelmed. How about fat farms. You WILL lose weight or get fired, fined or jailed.
Wake up sheeples!frustrated doh

RE: Hot Rods and Motorcycles

What already is the fixation on 50 vintage Chevy trucks? Not that I mind because I OWN a 49. So picking up Dollar Tree stuff with red trucks. As long as they look correct. Mine is black but, whatever. Still...dunno confused Red old trucks on pillows, cups, bags, ornaments, cut outs, lamps...WT? What is the reasoning? Why is my baby popular. Now I did pick up a bag with a 46. And I have seen some maybe 68 Ford? Or 58? But, everywhere are 50ish Chevy trucks. What am I missing?confused

RE: DNC going down a no exit road again

All Bannon needs to do is takes a quote from Biden. I'm sorry but I cant recall. Repeat as many times as needed. If I were a politician, I would delete and burn everything as soon as I was finished. Never record..see Nixon..and never text.
I saw that over 50% of people now say they will vote Republican. Even Dems are getting fed up with the Socialists in Congress. People do not like being ordered. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink. But, you CAN make him kick you into the next county!

Herd question the constantly changing narrative about the virus..if the US got to 70% would reach herd immunity. Or maybe now 80%?dunno If so, then why the push to get more and more shots in the arms? Why are vaccd terrified of un-vacced? Aren't they safe? Arent the un more at risk from the vaccd carriers?
Now boosters for all. Guess two didn't work. Maybe join shot of the month club?
Or could it be that Big Pharma wants their cash cow to keep going?
Now shoot the kiddies. I hope I can live to see the long term side effects start to show up. Lots of Big Pharma fails took a couple decades or more before the law suits started. Oops.scold roll eyes tongue

Save the Queen.

The poor old gal is getting worn out and to the end. I saw the video on the news. She looks like she is losing weight..the first sign of demise. Yet she is such a work horse, even told to get rest, she is still trying to keep at it.
We fought a war to get away from England. But, how not to feel like she is our mum anyway. Grand old lady she is. It will be a monster chapter to close. May she find peace after all she has lived through.bouquet hug

RE: Does anyone know what a conversation is?

People are too used to "speaking" in 64 or whatever characters. I am the opposite. Call me the rambler. I see threads die a fast death on here.

RE: KFC. once is enough

Colonel Sander invented a seasoning mix to use on chicken. He opened the first KFCs. All offered were chicken pieces with the mix, cooked in grease...mashed taters and gravy, cole slaw and biscuits. Years later he sold the whole shebang to a corporation with the contract that he would continue to do ads as the Colonel. Corporate started adding crunchy and nuggets and pot pies and messing with his original offerings. He got to the point he refused to be associated with them. Their lawyers shoved the contract up his nose and said he was stuck til he died.
We got a store in town. Husband found out they dump chicken at close cheap. So we filled freezer with Colonel chicken.
Time passed. I got gut ache from the stuff. We went to another town, ate at theirs and no gut ache. Asked. Gal told us the guy in my town didnt change the grease. Orders were every couple of days. HE went a week or two . It was the grease doing it.
KFC came up with the crunchy..cant stand the original anymore. Then grilled..super..and they dropped it, Pot pies were good. Stop in town, oh..we are out...coming up in 20 minutes or so. Poor management. So I never stop there anymore.
What one man came up with, corporate America ruined. Offer everything the competition does and destroy what you were known for.
What gets me is the way everything has to be spiced or BBQed or hot. Guess the real meat is so crappy now, they have to cover it up. If hot enough, cant taste the rot.barf

Tired of do-gooders.

We have become a communist country. Encouraged to squeal on others, just like China taught their people. What ever happened to mind your own hut? I always tease..why can't I just shoot people? Or I hope they get hit by a tank! Pests.
I posted an ad for my kittens on craigs. Asked the $10 they allow. I dont care about the money. But, I was told by someone to charge because when you post pets for free, there are people who either want them to sell. Or worse, feed them to a snake or use them to train hunting or fighting dogs. So this morning I got notice some jerks flagged the ad and it was pulled. So posted it new and said the re-homing fee craigs allows. What is the difference!frustrated doh very mad
I see all over on news and my scanner, people who feel a need to police their neighbors and anyone they see. Someone is walking in an alley wearing a black hoody. So call the cops. I didnt know one cant walk home in the dark using the alley. Someone is snoozing in a car at Wallyworld. Call the cops. OF course! Dont go over and see if they are OK yourself. There is a dog in a car, windows rolled up. Call the cops. So they have to make a trip over to find out the car is running with the AC ON!!frustrated Maybe if that caller had waddled over to the car, they would have noticed the motor running! There are kids walking in a cops. They MUST be up to mischief.
Poor cops run ragged. By the time they get there, car is gone, guy is waiting for his wife who is shopping, kids are on the way to friends, guy is going home.
Our lovely government is pushing it..see something say something. Fine..if you see someone peering in a neighbors window, loading stuff out of neighbors garage into their trunk, lurking..then check further. THEN call the cops. Welcome to the police state.
What ever happened to making sure of stuff before jumping to conclusions. Stop calling the cops because YOU dont like the length of their lawn or because they parked momentarily too far from the curb in front of their house.very mad

Wanna buy a can full of emptyness?

Jeans companies have you beat.head banger They already are selling holes. If you want a pair of dark blue intact jeans, they charge you $40 or so. If you want them to sell you jeans that are distressed and worn looking full of holes and rips, they charge you $100.rolling on the floor laughing

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