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What will you do when you are retired?

And what you still can do. You will have less income, your body is not the one of a 20 year old man anymore.
I have to work till I'm 67.5 years old, I hope to be in good shape then.

RE: Is physical punishment good for children?

But will he learn something from it? Sometimes children don't even know why they are slapped.

RE: I've learned.....

It's even worse, I just typed Fokje Modder on Facebook, search. Guess what, I found 4 people with that name. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: I've learned.....

Don't know an Aaart van der Vaart,m but we had the dutch footballplayer Raphael van der Vaart. But it can get even worse, especially in Friesland. There was a family with their familyname Modder. And they got a daughter and called her Fokje. So I think everybody shouts fock ya mother. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

What will you do when you are retired?

Well, most people are working their arse off all day, and in the evening they just are tired, watch some tv, have some drinks, maybe go to the pub.
But what will you do when you are retired? You don't have to wake early, or go to work.
Your parents are probably no longer there, so visiting them regularly ain't possible.
Have you any ideas already?

Maybe else you'd better start thinking, else you are retired and just sitting, waiting to die. That would be sad, wouldn't it?

RE: Daily Chuckle ...

Why do English people always have viagra between their lips? To get a stiff upper lip.

RE: Hurt

my biggest hurt was my sour arse after cycling 400 km's in one day.

RE: Forced integration didn't uplift peace!! Should we give segregation another shot.

Agree, it has been proven over and over again that muslims and christians mostly can't live together. For our cultures and religions are too much different, and the muslims don't want to change anything, but try to force us to change our way of life. Slowly but surely they're pulling the rope around our neck till we can't breath anymore.

RE: I've learned.....

Never knew people in Belgium could learn anything...

RE: BLM is dividing the nation

Nations have been divided like ever. First poor vs rich, catholics against christians, Stones fans against Beatles fans, fans of sportclubs against fans of other sportclubs, left against right.
We are supposed to be used to that. But now the blacks claim they have the only right to say they experience racism and discrimination. Well, think again.

RE: If you were to die tonight...?

I would say to GodL Hey MF, send me to hell, I don't like you

RE: What type of car do you drive?

I drive my electric bike, and that's okay, I don't need a car. It only will cost me a lot of money.

RE: Britain’s long goodbye will leave an unfillable hole in the EU project

well, in my opinion the EU is way to arrogant, but it is also because it's ruled by a few strong countries, like Germany and the Netherlands, but most south-and east-European don't have much to offer, only debts and they ask the strong countries to pay for it. Again now during the corona-crises. And as we ask Italy to reform their financial system it is to much asked and then they tell the Netherlands they are arrogant. We reformed our system years ago, the age we can retire has gone from 55 to 57, and a few months, and every year there is some time added. When my nieces of about 20 can retire, they're probably 70. And in Greece most people ain't even 55 when they retire. Same in Italy. In the mean time a lot of east-European countries refuse to give hostility to fugs, they ask the west to organize that. Why do you think Duda won again today in Poland. Because he keeps the fugs out of the country.
Well, you can't expect 2-5 countries to pay the other about 20 countries for tens of years.

But due to the fact that every country has the right to veto laws and they use it whenever it's not positive for them, nothing will change. The UK also was one of the biggest payers. They keep telling us in the Netherlands that we receive more money than we give to the EU. How can that be, when we are paying for the debts of the poor countries? Maybe some big companies will make profit, but they keep paying minimum wage, so the people don't have any use for it.

Last weeks farmers are striking all over the country demanding supermarkets to pay a fair prize for the products the farmers have to sell. And the government keeps saying that farmers can't sell their own products to the people for it's not regulated or controlled. A lot of farmers have been investing large sums of money and now hardly can survive, while supermarkets make big profits, especially during the covid 19 lock down, for nobody could eat or drink outdoors.

The whole EU is a facking shame.
I hope for a Nexit. And if Wilders wins the next elections, a lot of muslims will have to leave the country, or so I hope.

RE: reinvention

well, let's see. If you get $1 million and you spend $3.000 a month you will have a very good life and it will take you about 30 years to spend it all. Unless you do stupid things. When you look to what money's spend over the years on things like new roads and all kind of stupid unnecessary things, I guess we could pay every human from above 30 $2 million. That must be enough until they are old. Then let all the other people study until they are about 20 years, and work for 10 years. With the help of robots everybody would be able to lead a happy life after they become 30. Well, okay, give everybody $3 million, 1 million extra for some luxury like a new car now and then a good house and holidays.
It is possible. And when they die all the money that's left goes back to the government.

But people are greedy and always want to have more than others. Allthought they know they won't be able to spend it all in their whole life and it only gives them things to worry about.

When I look at my salary it will cost me over 40 years to reach one million when I don't spend a dime.
And believe me, there is enough money!!!

People are just stupid.

RE: Is physical punishment good for children?

of course children has to learn what they can and can't do. Is punishment the right thing? I doubt it.
Last New years eve two boys of 13 and 14 throw some fireworks on a sofa that was standing in the hallway of a flatbuilding. It shouldn't have been there, but it did and it caught fire. Due to the fire the electricity in the building fell out, while there was a family in the elevators. Two of the four (Father and son) died because they couldn't get no breath due to the smoke.
And when the boys got arrested local television and press were there. Lately they were in court and they were found guilty, but the judge said they were punished enough. They had been in all newspapers and televisionchannels, they had to move to another city, and leave their schools.
I bet they ment no harm and never wanted this sad thing to happen. So I agree that they are punished enough.

I guess showing children what will happen when they won't listen, that big accidents can happen, that people can die, that they can end up in jail, will make more impression than some slapping on the butt.
Children still got a lot to learn, even grown-ups make mistakes all the time. Sometimes a mistake will be punished by jail, a fine or losing your job, or you get some bad attention from your boss, but a lot of mistakes will never be punished.
Thing is you got to learn from your mistakes.

Of course, real criminals belong in jail, and if they are to bad, they might be killed in my opinion.
But will we ever get a perfect world where everybody is doing as they are told, nobody makes mistakes etc? Maybe if robots take over the world. I know there are shops worldwide where robots are helping the people. There will be a time when only a few people are working for all is done by robots and computers. Then humanity will be unnecessary, all we do is eat, drink, sleep, make love, play games, reading, watch television or listen to music.

Well, if robots now are clever enough to work in shops, why aren't there robots to clean the earth, the air and water from all it's polution? I guess because oilcompanies still have too much power. Who's gonna punish the oilcompanies?

RE: Great songs that are almost unknown

kris kros was all the time on MTV and dutch tv in the '90's, so not very unknown imo.
But it's not my type of music. I can put down here lots of great songs most of you never heard, most will be metal.

RE: Bad Luck

Ever tried a palestinian lovedoll? They blow up themselves. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: reinvention

well, til I was 42 I did a lot of unpleasant jobs, because people expected me to work.
When my last job turned out to be a failure, I decided to take things more easy. Work to live, don't live to work is my motto nowadays. I want to have a comfortable life without to much worries, but I don't want to be rich.

If you were a wizzard, how would the world be?

If I would be a rockband, well, I'd travel everywhere, had fun with the fans, great shows 4-6 times a week and lot's of money. Do I need that money? No way, so I would start foundations to safe the nature. Foundations with political influence, so they can force governments to stop polluting the earth.

RE: Britain’s long goodbye will leave an unfillable hole in the EU project

about the fishermen, well I guess they will be satisfied with the Brexit. How will they loose their job? At the moment lots of countries are fishing in British waters. Like the Netherlands. The UK can stop that. Then the dutch fishermen have to search for other waters. The pulsefishing which is forbidden in the EU is still sometimes done by dutch fishermen, they say they need more time to change the things.
With a lot of luck the UK can even export more fish to the rest of Europe for the fishermen from other countries might not be able to deliver enough fish anymore.

RE: Anyplace in Europe - A-Z

Venlo - The Netherlands

If you were a wizzard, how would the world be?

A yacht, a car and a plane so you are materialistic. And will you drive your car on the yacht, would their be an airport on the yacht for your plane?
Why not have a navyship with planes, that also can be used as a submarine?

RE: Bad Luck

for you live in Pakistan, land of the muslims and terrorists, try muslimdating or terroristdating. Watch out for the bombbelt.

RE: Liberty and my die?

Totally agree. But the masks are not only there to protect people, but also to give the spreading of the disease less chance and slow it down. Else hospitals won't be able to save as many people as possible. Then they have to choose who may live and who must die.

I wish all these .a**hole demonstrating everywhere will get covid 19 and survive, then they know what they are talking about and can tell other people about the experiences they had.

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