decided to leave

Have not much time lately. Goodbye to ya all crazy soabs.

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RE: Which expectations are realistic for your next relationship, after turning 55?

I'm looking for a woman a little younger than me, not more than 10 years. And she shouldn't want to have more children, if she has children already it's okay. But I'm 54 now and as a parent you will be there for your children as long as possible, I don't want to leave my children behind when they're not yet ready for it.

RE: Are you sometimes drunk or high when you post on forum?

quitted being drunk regularly/daily in 2015 when I was sleeping on the cyclepath for a whole night. I decided to change my life, now, I've maybe 2-3 times a year that I feel I have had to much beers. but then I don't post here.

RE: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people wil

as a gifted person, I never forget what someone has said or done to me.

RE: Decisions, decisions.

cheese and some mustard.

RE: Is it fair to pursue a relationship abroad, if you have no intention of moving there?

well, I know people living in the Netherlands who have a woman in the philipines or anywhere. They even have children and they visit them regularly, of course they have a good job.
But it's not only relationships.
My former director of the museum got a job at the same kind of museum in Australia, he moved there with his whole family, but they couldn't stand it after all, so they moved back. The director now flies about 2 times a month to his work and back to his family. I'm still sad he left us for his follow-up isn't the kind of man I can cooperate with.

RE: do you think...abortion is murder?

There are many reasons why someone choose for an abortion.
1. Being raped and getting pregnant.
2. The unborn child is ill and will have a short and unhappy life, visiting hospital after hospital.
3. The mother can't afford to have children, no money, no food.
4. The mother is a drug- or alcohol addict and the child will have to get clean first after the birth, but their might be brain-damage
5. The mother is homeless and unable to take care for her child.
6. The mother sees there is an overpopulation and she takes her responsibility. (wish a lot of people would do this)

and after all, what is so worse about abortion that isn't about taking the morning after pill. If the mother to be takes a pill a day after having sex, she might as well kill an unborn child.

The world is overpopulated, more and more people are on the run for war, poorness or hunger, the climate is changing, mostly because we have to produce food for the growing population on this earth. It would help if maybe 6 months, or 1 year the whole human race would take care not to get pregnant or choose for an abortion. That would really save a lot of problems.

RE: Going Home - What is Home?

RE: Alcohol

Well, as long as I don't drink too much it is great stuff. The times of being drunk are far behind me, hope to keep it that way. About 2 litres of beer a day max. gives me an comfortable and relaxed feeling.
Often when I go to a chess tournament, I play worthless in the morninggames. At about 12 I start on the beer and then I start winning my games, often won tournaments in that way.

RE: Islamophobia

Why should people be islamophobics?

Let's see: The 9-11 incident, lots of bombattacks all over the world, horrifying executions in I.S.I.S. kidnapping and raping young girls in Nigeria, people forcing young girls to blow themselves up in the middle of a crowd, old men marrying girls of about 12 years old...

No there is no reason for Islamophobia... frustrated doh confused confused confused

RE: Special treatment

yes they do. Look at talkshow-hosts etc. or any guy who has a tv-show. All good looking.
Do you think popmusicians got much attention when they look ugly?

Or how about an ugly person and a very attractive person both sollicitate for the same job, both have the same scholing, the same skills, who do you think the boss will take?

How about people who have to visit or speak with new clients? I don't think the boss will like to send someone to them who is fat, have pimples everywhere etc.

So discrimination, it is not only about being white or black, it's all around us. Most women also won't have a relationship with an ugly looking guy and vice versa. So also in love there is discrimination.

How about a gifted guy in school who stutters, is clumsy with his hands and or gymnastics, the other kids will bully him, also some kind of discrimination.

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the 3685908507 th post wins


the 3685908507 th post wins


RE: Some people have said that the sun never sets on the united kingdom.

Sun in the UK? That would be something new, always raining there. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Who would you like to throw a shoe at?

wanna throw a shoe to all politicians. They say all they do is for your best interest, but most of the time they don't give a damn about what you think or want. Only in the election time they promise you lots of money, but after the elections it occurs that they meant you have to pay lots of money you don't have.

Too many poor and homeless people in this world and theydon't do anything to change this.

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RE: What is more dangerous than nuclear warheads?

what's more dangerous than a nuke? Me farting. Take cover.

RE: Putin

If Putin doesn't die, he can be in charge for 10 more years. Let's hope he's gone before that time.

RE: What Physical Activities Should You Do Everyday


RE: Snake Pass

cycle down to Seaton, along the south-shore of the UK. There you will have really fun, cycling down. Guess when I was there my speed was about 100 km/h

RE: Bring out your dead..

France, Spain and Portugal were also big conquerers, just like the Netherlands and Belgium. Apartheid is a Dutch word but almost everybody on the world knows what it means. France was with the guillotine maybe more barbaric than Great Brittain. But then again, GB had the Iron Maiden.
Even in Africa and the middle-east we see a lot of barbarism, how about the bombbelts? Sometimes girls of 12 years old are forced to blow themselves up in the middle of a big crowd. There were horrifying videos on youtube about IS-executions. The world is a sick place and humans are a sick race.

RE: H.P. Lovecraft. Critique

I like his stories, and are they weirder than those of Edgar Allan Poe?
When Jules Verne wrote his books about a submarine or a zeppelin everybody called him a weirdo, I guess. But later a submarine and a zeppelin were invented. Maybe they were invented because Jules Verne had written those books?
A writer might be a dreamer, sometimes dreams become reality.

Wednesday I will get my first publisher on the phone about the first book I wrote and which is waiting to be published.

RE: Why do we celebrate a woman's history month and not celebrate a man's history month?

I agree, we also have mothersday and fathersday, why woman's history but not men's history? Why the gaypride or gayparade, but not the heteropride/heteroparade?

RE: Daily Chuckle ...

Really funny movie, with Lemmy (Motorhead), Paul McCartney and more.

the 3685908507 th post wins


the 3685908507 th post wins

2295, will we reach the end before the whole world explodes with a big bang?

RE: If it is true that all you need is Love, why has Love rejected you?

Why love has rejected me? Well, people say I am ugly. I don't agree, but what's the meaning of 1 person when 1000 others say different?

RE: How About WW3 !?

I think Russia won't have the guts to attack any Nato-country. Putin knows that if he starts on a Nato-country, it's the beginning of the end.

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