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Would you hit the person above you in the head with a frypan ......148108 hrs ago46 mins ago5 mins ago
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Vindictive women on CS1,26880Apr 13Apr 181 hrs ago
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Welcome To Lookins Place.......5,809442Oct 7Apr 162 hrs ago
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Kaybees cats cats cats Part 3.......11,849749Jan 2017Apr 1030 mins ago
Fish84180Mar 30Apr 9Apr 18
Sperm and egg donors, anonymity2,18331Mar 2016Apr 91 hrs ago
SHUT THE F18813Apr 1Apr 211 hrs ago
For The Peeps On The Female Side Of This Site.....24617Mar 31Apr 1Apr 18
How far off are you from28021Mar 27Mar 3116 hrs ago
Gullible972Mar 29Mar 294 hrs ago
Glasses.. When should we wear them lololololol16413Mar 27Mar 27Apr 18
Should CS Have Thread Limits?1,971146Nov 13Mar 2411 hrs ago
Receving Text Messages at At All Hours45222Dec 4Mar 203 hrs ago
What is our experience of Emotional dumb arses ?51529Mar 11Mar 1921 hrs ago
Send an anonymous message #34,347166May 2017Mar 176 hrs ago
PICTURE THREAD -Revisited ...... 2intrigued6,119277Jul 2017Mar 162 hrs ago
Banned Thread :(31824Mar 15Mar 1514 hrs ago
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Kim Jong-un & Donald Trump1105Mar 9Mar 933 mins ago
Friday...31127Mar 9Mar 9Apr 16
Hotel Impossible........18012Mar 5Mar 54 hrs ago
So Many Nice Peeps On Here1,536115Mar 2Mar 320 hrs ago
The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum3,227181Oct 25Mar 24 hrs ago
My fingers are too fat54734Feb 20Feb 2520 mins ago
fat fingers lookin15513Feb 22Feb 23Apr 16
Do ..Or Can Opposites Attract?20116Feb 4Feb 4Apr 16
Is Cyber Lub Possible ????76044Feb 1Feb 211 hrs ago
CYBER lUB????45837Dec 27Feb 1Apr 15
Spell Check - Auto Correct55535Jan 27Jan 3012 hrs ago
Happy Australia Day.............37234Jan 25Jan 2519 hrs ago
UNTYING THE KNOT.................26717Jan 22Jan 24Apr 17
Be Honest ???37924Jan 9Jan 2220 hrs ago
TURPIN FAMILY....This thread wont be here for long ........ I hope it is ......2,346146Jan 19Jan 225 hrs ago
Gonorrhoea and syphilis on the rise in Melbourne64739Jan 16Jan 22Apr 16
Photo Bombs82940Sep 30Jan 1920 hrs ago
How long do scammers scam peeps?71154Jan 12Jan 12Apr 17
Inventions that you couldn't live without........22913Jan 4Jan 4Apr 17
Jaw Strap For Snoring And Sleep Apnea64349Dec 31Jan 311 hrs ago

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