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Is anyone sad out there?1,24174Jul 114 hrs ago27 mins ago
If you thought i was the one ... what would you say to me in the fist msg ?3823123 hrs ago8 hrs ago1 mins ago
Kaybees cats cats cats Part 3.......15,075892Jan 2017Jul 1845 mins ago
Have you ever put a 9 inch in your rear?2428Jul 14Jul 172 hrs ago
The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum3,801187Oct 2017Jul 152 hrs ago
Number 1 Favorite And Funniest gif/pic/meme That you Have Seen On Here????33923Jun 30Jul 1019 hrs ago
Personal messages/emails etc..99978Jul 2Jul 83 hrs ago
Welcome To Lookins Place.......9,125667Oct 2017Jul 649 mins ago
It Made My Skin Crawl.............59138Jun 27Jul 1Jul 18
What would you like to read or see on the forum?2,104185Jun 14Jun 2813 hrs ago
Troll84758Jun 19Jun 219 hrs ago
Y do you put up multiple threads ??95071Jun 15Jun 16Jul 18
WHY CAN'T I SLEEP81073Jun 4Jun 524 hrs ago
Can Lurkers Check In Please.....40420May 18Jun 110 hrs ago
ABC, BBC, CNN & CS Informing the world...........27017May 29May 315 hrs ago
Is It Time To Tell Him3389Apr 18May 26Jul 14
Brain dead............18313May 23May 2310 hrs ago
For The Peeps On The Female Side Of This Site.....57124Mar 31May 1713 hrs ago
She is cute BuTT!!28315Apr 23May 1314 hrs ago
Self confessed bitches...........56120May 7May 9Jul 18
Questions & Hopefully Honest & Intelligent Answers ... lol :)1,384140Apr 30May 427 mins ago
Confessions In The home?????33121May 2May 25 hrs ago
What is it with the English Men???56931Apr 26Apr 2621 hrs ago
Test Oz test 1-242234Apr 23Apr 2323 hrs ago
Guitars Or Drums?1437Apr 23Apr 23Jul 13
Hi honey ... I'm Home1869Apr 23Apr 23Jul 18
If you don't tell him i will!!!86830Apr 20Apr 21Jul 16
I can't remember where your post is2121Apr 20Apr 202 hrs ago
Would you hit the person above you in the head with a frypan ......28710Apr 19Apr 19Jul 19
Place Bulls*t Here31112Apr 18Apr 1812 hrs ago
Vindictive women on CS1,58580Apr 13Apr 18Jul 19
An Interesting Thread .70451Apr 16Apr 176 hrs ago
Who would you like to meet off CS???4,066218Apr 9Apr 115 hrs ago
Fish1,07080Mar 30Apr 912 hrs ago
Sperm and egg donors, anonymity2,36631Mar 2016Apr 92 hrs ago
SHUT THE F24213Apr 1Apr 212 hrs ago
How far off are you from35021Mar 27Mar 315 hrs ago
Gullible1342Mar 29Mar 29Jul 17
Glasses.. When should we wear them lololololol21813Mar 27Mar 27Jul 18
Should CS Have Thread Limits?2,136146Nov 2017Mar 24Jul 18
Receving Text Messages at At All Hours53322Dec 4Mar 20Jul 19
What is our experience of Emotional dumb arses ?60329Mar 11Mar 1916 hrs ago

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