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So where's this "Global Warming" that is supposed to fry all of us?2,243117Jan 2014Feb 201410 hrs ago
Men are like bank accounts....Without a lot of money, they don't generate a lot of interest.1,70743Jan 2014Jan 2014Jun 14
Guys: Would you have a SERIOUS relationship with a Bi-s*xual woman? (Not FWB)2,40582Mar 2012Aug 2013Jun 21
LADIES: Do you like facial hair on men? Comments are welcome!1,45226Jun 2012Jun 2013Jun 17
Since sex became easier to get, Love got harder to find...3,83915Apr 2013Apr 2013Jun 17
If you view a profile and are interested in that you....?1,24817Feb 2013Feb 2013Jun 6
The longer I'm single, the easier it gets to remain single. Agree?1,34730Jan 2013Jan 20137 hrs ago
Is it easy for you to trust the opposite sex today? Why? or Why not? Comments Please1,11133Jan 2013Jan 2013Jun 17
Guys: Do you like a woman who enjoys being a "b*tch"? Comments?1,13529Jan 2013Jan 2013Jun 17
Favorite STYLE of music?7556Jun 2012Jun 2012May 15
What is your ideal way to spend time with your S.O.?7017Jun 2012Jun 2012Jun 10
LADIES ONLY! Simple question......Bad Boy? or Good Man? Please be honest!!1,59371Jun 2012Jun 20124 hrs ago
Personal privacy or total openness in a committed relationship?2,72143May 2012Jun 201224 hrs ago
LADIES: You met a man you like, but he is planning to move out of the country. Would you go with him79310Apr 2012Apr 2012Jun 9
LADIES: What length hair do you prefer on men?1,20337Mar 2012Mar 201215 hrs ago

This is a list of threads created by NecaRob.

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