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What's Cookin', Good Lookin'?14,973428Mar 2014Sep 20166 hrs ago
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Robin Williams RIP3,32060Aug 2014Aug 2014Jun 16
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Handsome2,39379May 2014May 2014Jun 15
Truth or Dare20,6351,000Apr 2014Apr 201411 hrs ago
Makes you think...7,526283Mar 2014Mar 201417 hrs ago
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Have you ever?4,069111Feb 2014Feb 201458 mins ago
Which country produces the best male lovers?6,976168Jan 2014Feb 20142 hrs ago
Every woman should have6,512208Jan 2014Jan 2014Jun 15
Giver or Taker?3,876114Dec 2013Jan 201420 hrs ago
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What's for dinner?2,89180Dec 2013Dec 2013Jun 13
Wtf?5,2487Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 10
Site82014Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 13
Why do we keep feeding the trolls?2,52548Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 13
Which country has the most gorgeous men?3,74681Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 16
1 year later6477Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 14
For the ladies..and a few guys.1,94244Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 16
pictures2,16440Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 16
Bertie is beaten6254Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 13
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internet dating...a dangerous thing?2,31853Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 14
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