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Current Thoughts #3...*The After*..33,2862,590Aug 174 hrs ago30 mins ago
In Four Words47,0694,300Jun 215 hrs ago6 mins ago
What Would The *Movie Title Of Your life Be*?41127Sep 24Sep 26Jan 19
Current Thoughts (Cont)~~112,3928,000Apr 2018Jul 197 mins ago
Should I go electric?1,27195Jul 12Jul 1313 hrs ago
Name Something Your ex Was Good At !~1,83860Jun 28Jul 6Jan 19
If You Could Only Pick Two Pills?75840Jul 1Jul 23 hrs ago
What you need in July to be happy :)62937Jun 29Jun 29Jan 19
What's Your Hoo Haa's name?2,995197Jun 17Jun 2611 hrs ago
Your Sign As A Smell :)1,03533May 2018May 2821 hrs ago
Woman Try Balls For A Day..LMAO!~74731May 2018May 2018Jan 18
Current Thoughts15,6651,000Mar 2018Apr 201843 mins ago
Can you solve this Einstein riddle?... Who owns the fish?71727Mar 2018Mar 2018Jan 19

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