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Falling in Love Online - Have you or Haven't you?1,23367Feb 1423 mins ago7 mins ago
Memorable quotes and their Authors11,740677Dec 31Jul 24 hrs ago
When you see a traveller wearing a face-mask....85341Jan 20May 1524 hrs ago
You have been on a dating site for many many years....and you're still here....1,33644Sep 2019May 724 hrs ago
The Statistics are Terrible71731Feb 26Mar 15Jul 9
My My MyMyMyMy Corona37310Feb 27Mar 1515 hrs ago
COVID-19 Censorship Wars68027Mar 2Mar 12Jul 9
F*ck it, let's have a beer2695Feb 28Mar 817 hrs ago
Bot farms, trolls, dark ads, fake news.2807Feb 26Mar 8Jul 6
I have money, you have beauty - it's a deal.1,68770Feb 11Mar 522 hrs ago
So You Think You've Been Scammed?2605Mar 2Mar 3Jul 7
Going Walkies?1220Mar 2Mar 2Jul 9
Let's Talk about Something Important -2.1150Mar 1Mar 1Jul 7
Let's Talk about Something Important...2112Mar 1Mar 113 hrs ago
So, how's your Corona doin' Sharona?980Mar 1Mar 1Jul 1
It's Not Free Stuff - when will you guys wake up?48316Feb 25Feb 29Jul 2
I Found This On The Internet. I Think it's Pretty Cool.1340Feb 29Feb 2921 hrs ago
Is this the Real You?44220Feb 21Feb 29Jul 9
This is not about me....99348Feb 21Feb 2924 hrs ago
So How's Your Stock Portfolio Doin' Today Darlin'?25211Feb 28Feb 28Jul 1
The Handbag to Die For.33715Feb 28Feb 28Jul 1
Justice in Saudi Arabia, that mecca of Women's Liberation.1341Feb 28Feb 28Jul 1
Pop Your Balloon in the Hagia Sofia, baby.2285Feb 26Feb 2723 hrs ago
Could someone please explain to me...2634Feb 26Feb 27Jul 1
More Statistics2051Feb 27Feb 2720 hrs ago
I cannot accept other people's opinions on...49519Feb 26Feb 26Jul 7
I'm outraged, and so should you be.56927Feb 26Feb 26Jul 9
A Little Light Relief....2244Feb 25Feb 2623 hrs ago
Hate, vitriol, food fight and arguments.80135Feb 25Feb 25Jul 9
"I was just looking at your profile. I think that you're pretty and I like your picture."74930Feb 18Feb 245 mins ago
How To Chat Up a Girl - 16th Century.2376Feb 17Feb 2224 hrs ago
How many Eggs do You Eat per Week?40725Feb 19Feb 22Jul 8
The Prostitute/Stripper Who Married Well.2399Feb 13Feb 22Jul 1
I Googled 'Interesting Organisms.' Honestly.1889Feb 13Feb 21Jul 1
How did You Say Goodbye?54230Feb 20Feb 2114 hrs ago
Dedicated to the ladies of CS.58127Feb 12Feb 20Jul 9
Let's talk about something important....1705Feb 19Feb 195 hrs ago
PC gone Mad.1702Feb 19Feb 19Jul 1
Let's Criticise China's Cuisine....30914Feb 18Feb 196 hrs ago
For the Carnivores of CS1893Feb 19Feb 19Jul 3
Humans of New York stories (Facebook)810Feb 19Feb 199 mins ago
Is Social Media Ruining our Ability to Focus longer than 15 seconds?2218Feb 19Feb 19Jul 1

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