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Movies released in 2010s (596)

Here is a list of movies released in 2010s posted by members. Good movies make great dates. Post your favorite movies, watch movies, and comment on movies. Click here to post a movie. Add your favorite movies to your profile- by choosing a movie below, or by posting a new one not already on the list. See which movies members like, write reviews on movies you've watched, or read reviews & comments written by other members.

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From Paris with Love

From Paris with Love (2010)

A personal aide to the U.S. Ambassador in France, James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) has an enviable life in Paris and a beautiful French girlfriend,...

Lammycool6450Mar 2010Mar 2010
How to train your Dragon

How to train your Dragon (2010)

My grand daughter loved this movie so much we had o buy it it is so cute...

Unknown6661Apr 2010Apr 2011
She Is Out Of My League

She Is Out Of My League (2010)

Nice movie 4/5...

Unknown4491Apr 2010Apr 2010
The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), a down-on-his-luck bounty hunter, thinks he's seeing an upswing in fortune when he gets a call to bring in his bail-jumping...

Lammycool6750Apr 2010Apr 2010
Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans (2010)

Caught amid a war between the gods, Perseus (Sam Worthington), the son of Zeus (Liam Neeson), is helpless to save his family from Hades (Ralph Fiennes...

Lammycool7730Apr 2010Apr 2010
KICK a**

KICK a** (2010)

Awesome movie the little girl kicks a** :)...

Unknown6820May 2010May 2010
The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli (2010)

excellent movie best one I have seen in years...

Unknown8083Jun 2010Oct 2010
Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans (2010)

Good movies, but I prefer the original...

Unknown5070Jun 2010Jun 2010

Inception (2010)

Must see it soon....

Unknown5921Jul 2010Mar 2011
Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Great Great Movie :D...................................................................

Unknown5550Jul 2010Jul 2010

Inception (2010)

This movie is so awesome that i would love to see it again and again and again. The creators of batman the dark knight made this movie. I am not into...

Unknown4441Aug 2010Nov 2010
From Paris with Love

From Paris with Love (2010)

Underrated flick. Travolta chews scenerey like no one else and it looked like he had fun making this. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is pretty good too and Kas...

Divinitymagic7432Aug 2010Sep 2010
Unknown4471Aug 2010Jan 2012

Takers (2010)

I own that movie on dvd...

Unknown8243Sep 2010Jul 2011
The Expendables

The Expendables (2010)

This is a rubbish film with a crap story line,with old men reliving there former glories !!!!...

Unknown7012Sep 2010Mar 2011
Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet (2010)

Good movie...

Unknown4750Sep 2010Sep 2010
Remember me

Remember me (2010)

u must be crazy if you did not like this movie. It was really good! you have to sit down and see it until the end. I love it it even made me cry and i...

Unknown5442Sep 2010Nov 2010
The Last Song

The Last Song (2010)

One of the finest movies...............

Unknown4360Sep 2010Sep 2010
Robin Wood

Robin Wood (2010)

It is Robin Hood not wood !...

Unknown3,6961Oct 2010Nov 2010
Hot tub time machine

Hot tub time machine (2010)

My type of movie haha!! its funny as hell :D...

Unknown4310Oct 2010Oct 2010


Listenning to what Ketut have said about The Balance of Life in the movie then you will learn that all that you were knew how to make your life balnce...

Unknown4830Nov 2010

salt (2010)

This movies was also an awesome movie with a good actress in it angelina jolie who plays as a russian spy and she kicks some major a** in this non sto...

Unknown5311Dec 2010Feb 2011
Poirot Murder on the Orient Express

Poirot - Murder on the Orient Express (2010)

Wonderful stuff! .... Classic Agatha Christie...

Juneau5860Dec 2010
Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 (2010)

I liked the sharpness of the picture. The story line was easy to follow....

Unknown6790Jan 2011

The Man from Nowhere (2010)

Synopsis The Man From Nowhere His only friend called him 'the man from nowhere'... Taesik, a former special agent becomes a loner after losing his...

xinchen5770Jan 2011
Madeas Big Happy Family

Madea's Big Happy Family (2010)

All his movies are the best! So funny and inspirational....

Unknown4770Jan 2011
Black Swan

Black Swan (2010)

Heard so many great things about this movie. I want it....

Unknown6492Jan 2011Mar 2011

Narnia (2010)

great special effects, that water god was awesome...

Unknown5541Nov 2009Jun 2010
Shutter Island

Shutter Island (2010)

Haven't seen it yet but it is up there on my list....

Outofafrica8094Mar 2010Mar 2011

LEGION (2010)

had high hopes for this film, sadly it falls short of being decent watch. there are to many plot holes and inconsistancies for it to be truely taken...

Lammycool7391Mar 2010Mar 2010
Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness (2010)

Thomas Craven is a veteran homicide detective for the Boston Police Department and a single father. When his only child, 24-year-old Emma, is murdered...

Lammycool6820Mar 2010Mar 2010
The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli (2010)

In the not-too-distant future, some 30 years after the final war, a solitary man walks across the wasteland that was once America. Empty cities, broke...

Lammycool7170Mar 2010Mar 2010
The Pacific

The Pacific (2010)

Great movie about the war of the Marines in the Pacific...

Unknown5680Feb 2011

tekken (2010)

it the best movie i ever saw...

Unknown5190Mar 2011

Machete (2010)

An angry mexican with a machete,Brilliant grindhouse movie...

Condemned6665030Apr 2011
Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

This film is the sequal to the Paranormal Activity & it is just as scary as the 1st maybe scarier...

Unknown4560Apr 2011
London Boulevard

London Boulevard (2010)

Goog movie...

Unknown4030Apr 2011
Little Fockers

Little Fockers (2010)

Funny movie...

Unknown5240Apr 2011
The Kings Speech

The King's Speech (2010)

Great Film,,I loved it,,for me the best actor was the Teacher(I forget his name) he should have won an Oscar!!I do not know why Helen Bonny Cartwheel...

Unknown6322Apr 2011Aug 2018

Heartbreaker (2010)

French rom-com, very funny. Set in Monaco. Vanessa Paradis is in it....

Unknown3500Apr 2011

Salt (2010)

This is the best Angelina Jolie movie, in my opinion. She portrays the character to a tea, the action is intense and you never know what's going to ha...

Unknown5760Apr 2011
Mr Nice

Mr. Nice (2010)

Very good...

Unknown5260Apr 2011

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