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RE: I Spit on Your Grave

this movie is not to be mistaken for its more modern remake , the trailer here is for the 2010 movie . the original movie (depending on where you live i guess ) was banned , labeled a video nasty . ireland and the uk banned quite a few in their time . i mean back in the 80s they banned michael jacksons thriller all be it a pop video , which i think was beyond silly . and also frankie goes to hollywoods relax . now with frankie i could see sense in maybe playing that song or showing the video maybe post watershed say 9pm plus . but kids were a lot more naive back then anyway , a different time . so they probably would not have understood the wording . but i could understand there being an issue with video and song but not thriller .

in regard the movie in question for its time it would not have been considered by most to be any more violent etc than the many other movies at that time . this was an era of zombie flesh eaters and living dead , dead wish movies , slasher movies like friday 13th and halloween and more . i remember a movie called the exterminator with the late actor robert ginty . he had a line IF YOUR LYING , ILL BE BACK . in one scene he had a mob guy chained up and dangling over a massive meat mincing machine . he was going to go to his home , open his safe and take his cash to give it to a wife of a friend who was now dead . the mob guy had taken money from his friend for years , he was just taking a bit back . as he left he said is there anything your not telling me now ? the mob guy was lying (he had dobermans ) and said NO . ginty said if your lying ill be back . if all went well he would have let the mob guy go , but it went bad , the dogs near killed him . so you can probably guess what happened ? yes the mob guy went into that mincer . so movies back then were yes a bit graphic and violent at times for sure . i spit on your grave certainly was . but id say not any more than all the others , all of which can be seen today .but it was one that they banned here . ive never watched the remake , im sure its a good movie , but some times you simply have to see the original to appreciate the sequel or the remake . if you can view the original do that before you see the modern remake .

but yes there will be nudity , rape scenes and killing , just be aware of that . if watch death wish movies (certainly the first 3) they have all that and yet are still being shown on tv . but if you are funny about violence and sex and nudity etc maybe its not for you . but for the time certainly it was a very good movie .

RE: The Martian

this is an excellent movie guys , its one of those that if you havent seen it yet put it on your must watch list . matt damon is in my view one of the best of the modern day male actors . he is excellent in this but right at the top of his game for me in good will hunting .

RE: Trainspotting

this movie has everything from the weird to the brilliant , to the wonderful . i mean crawling into a toilet bowl lol , watching baby crawl across the ceiling , many hillarious moments . robert carlisle who played begbie made the movie . what an actor . actually they filmed a few scenes from his movie angelas ashes on the streets and lane ways outside my old local bar . it was weird seeing it transformed for the scenes . in fact the cast dressed and changed inside my local so we met a few of them including mr carlisle . but great movie , a movie that i think is as current now as it was then , so if you are 20 or 40 or 60 or 80 watch it .

RE: the sting

this is a classic . great actors like redford , newman and shaw , fantastic soundtrack and one of the all time great movies . if you have not seen it watch it . they made a sequel to it , the sting 2 . however the main characters were not played by newman and redford . in part 2 newmans character was played by the late great jackie gleason . its not up to the sheer quality of part 1 tho .


There are two sites that can response to nuclear attacks. One of them is already down. This is the only site left that is able to stop 16 missiles from attacking but it is already under control of people who covertly got inside the site. She has her hands full to stop the missiles.

RE: Ong-bak 2

Have you seen Chocolate, just as good as the original song-bak , yeah it’s that awesome!!!????

Anatomy Of A Scandal

There's more to it than proving that he is a rapist. Words that will have an impact......Parliament.....Prime Minister......Holly.....Not Here.....uh oh liar shock

RE: Trainspotting

Ha ha its a Beltter of a film Xx

RE: I Spit on Your Grave

I remember watching this movie on NETFLIX years back and, it was ok.

One Strange Rock

Fascinating documentary of how our planet started and what happens everyday with da bugs, da fish, da plants to keep Earth alive. Narrated by Will Smith as well as astronauts who have been on the International Space Station. Well worth watching the 10 part series on National Geographic.

warm bodies

kinda twisted love story

RE: I Spit on Your Grave

I think this movie is empowering for women especially those who are real victims of rape. Yes it's a theme of exacting revenge. Women can be much more vindictive than they may let on. Yet, how many silent screams of young girls with incest rape or the daughter of a single mother and women in general wish to avenge themselves against their rapist? They often can't and many times the perpetrator gets off the hook on a technicality.

RE: Doctor Zhivago


When I saw this movie, I cried a lot.It was such a emotional love story to be told again and again.
It was made into a great film years later.
When Dr. Zhivago dies and gets burried, I cried a lot.
Manohar bhatia.

RE: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

strong female lead. did buffy start the girl power genre?

RE: A Christmas Story

a favourite at christmas time along with "a christmas carol" ("scrooge" in the UK) starring alastair sim (of course), "it's a wonderful life", "miracle on 34th street" (1947) and "rudolph the red nosed reindeer" (stop motion film, 1964). try to watch them in the spirit of the season and not politicize them. merry christmas and a happy, healthy new year!

The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon (1985)


Highlander (1986)

Iron Man

he Truth is… I am Iron Man ~ Tony Stark

The Shawshank Redemption

The World Went And Got Itself In A Big Damn Hurry. ~Brooks the old librarian

The Matrix

I Don't Know The Future. I Didn't Come Here To Tell You How This Is Going To End. I Came Here To Tell You How It's Going To Begin. ~Neo


His movies are now permanently banned from my house. I'd like to know the producers, to ban them too, but refuse to search the title. Sick stuff.

Someone gave me the VHS tape of the movie. I destroyed it, so nobody else could be put through seeing it, ever again.

I won't even mention the actor's name now. One sick puppy.


RE: Planet Earth (The Complete Series)

a fabulous series with stunning, innovative camera work. there is a companion book that tells when and where you can see the events that appeared in the series. it's been an inspiration to explore all the beauty that nature has created. nobody is better at narrating than sir david attenborough.

RE: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

does all the controversy surrounding josh whedon taint his work? can we separate the man from his art?

RE: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

it was such a great show, that buffy study (buffyology) courses were created around the world to examine various aspects of it. how many other tv shows can claim that?

RE: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

one of my favourite tv shows. it had everything: action, humour, good music, attractive characters (actors), interesting plot lines, romance.....what tied them all together was the relationships that were formed. you grow to care about the characters and mourn when one of the good ones die. it was bittersweet when the show finally ended. thankfully, the spinoff show, angel, helped ease the loss.

RE: 2012

All the movie was nothing more than a special fx showcase with a terrible story line and bad acting.

Short Film "The English Teacher"

whitelily1-- Thank you, dear :)

RE: Out of africa

lts a great movie l seen the movies years ago. l never see it on tv anymore

RE: Runaway Bride

I quit watching his movies after it was announced he was taken to the Emergency Room. Seems he had to have someone's pet gerbil removed from his rectum. Yes, Gere had a gerbil in his rear.

Nope, I don't watch any of his movies.

RE: The pianist

I watched this film many years ago. The storyline is very powerful and it definitely left a lasting impression upon me.

RE: The pianist

very good movie with great passion drinking

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