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The age of Dogma, will come to an end.
the fact for myself is, there are people who just love spirituality.
while I will never comunicate with death people.
there time has come, their lives are done, I respect them resting further in the graves we gave them.
my opinion in this exorCrism is the fact that truth and lies are considered good and bad in the first place,
cause still we people shouldn't have that form of justice to decide who's a devil or an angel.
I believe god or satan is just one person.
it will surely be hard to proof, but never the less, then you will see a full adult man.
who isn't too childish to take his own responsebility.
for the actions he does.
just as the fact God can't make mistakes.
here we go again, that is not democracy.
the monarch being presented within many stories of the holy bible surely imply much of the inclined facets that were neglected in the mortal life, though you read that the heavenly realm has streets of gold.
or pearly gates, it seems that God is a very wealthy person,
so why donate more money?
and more importantly, why, he seems talented enough, and to perfect to intervine with mortals, why worry, I can't spend a eternity with a narcissist.

Let the power of trol compell you lol.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
About this poem:
sorry folks, this happened to me this day, when having a very serious more pathetic loony street preacher, and I told him this poem.
ok shortly after that I had to run away.
cause obviously he had a message from above to kill me.

greetz Phil

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ha. made me laugh. it's fun to talk back to 'em sometimes, isn't it. free will, no sin, and surely god has a wicked sense of humor. i'll have to remember that line about the narcissist...thanks trol.
you're welcome, and sometimes it is, guess i'm to worried to hurt someone else's feelings, but never the less, thanks for reading
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