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My Pirate Queen

A lonely voyage
with direction lost
when out of the fog
she appeared

Stranded in deep waters
when into my path
she steered

She captured my vessel
taking me aboard where
she fed me her stolen

Now with my Pirate Queen
I'm sailing the seas..
we vanish into
the night..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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Comments (15)

blame it on the moon that lighten your vessel for the pirate queen to find you mr.sailor,twas a sweet capture by the waygrin i was transported and lost in the middle of the sea while reading your poem,,aahh,,now im backshock flirty
excellently sweet jim,thanks for sharing thiswine thumbs up
Very nice!
I can see myself getting lost in this poem, like i'm right there! Well done....applause teddybear
Thank you Queen jeddah. Just hope I don't have to walk the plank! cafe wine
Careful ethereallady. That's how I got captured. I was lost in the poem! But we always have room for one more. cafe teddybear
trurorobonline today!
enjoyable read!
YAR! It be about Pirrrrrates! Arrrr! AAAARRRRRRR! YARRRRRRR! GARRRRRR! Check out ne red pirate dress in me profile pics! Arr! devil
Cafetwo...i thought i smelled a saulty flavour here on poets cornergrin was you...and your seas !cheers

Nice work, man ! hug cheers
dabomb..Thanks mate..Making another raid cafecheers
wow witchaywoman! You definitely need to see the ships captain!lol cafecheers bouquet
Thanks a million handshake cheers cool
Hi, cafetwo2010,
captured my vessel taking me aboard. They say that people often fall for their captor. Wishing smooth sailing on the pirated seas of life.
Very romantic, sail on Cafe!
rapturecaptureonline today!
I gather you have now found your Pirate Queen Cafe, what a beautiful, loving poem to read when missing your special presence in this lovely little corner.

Martina xxxheart wings lips
RIP: May God keep you close in the Palm of His hands. Happy Sailing!
godsprincessonline now!
I can picture him sailing away into the sunset with his Pirate Queen. Farewell Cafe - until we meet in the great sky above.

Kathy teddybear
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