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the better side of me

i was not thier the day you were born
i never knew that you were concievied
when you finally came into my life
thier was mixed emotions
true indeed
i was living life at that time
day to day
waiting for my last breath
a ever ending search for god
an ever ending search for me
blessed to have you come into my life at the age of three
instantly i see your light

instantly i see me
god grants us blessings in mysterious ways
you my daughter is my blessing even on those crazy days
your going through your teen thing
your going through your teen phase

i finally know the meaning why parents love the ones they raise
through all the difficult times
through all the great days
thier is no stronger bond
than your child, the baby that you raised
you are now a young lady
whom i am very proud
still daddys little girl
and still daddys little pal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
TO my daughter... written in love

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This one typed n framed would make such a special gift, that your little pal can cherish forever. I cannot tell u after losing him, how much my father's poetry has meant to me, for each time I read one, it's like getting to spend time with him again !
aware3 ps- it's beautiful!
Thank you aware3
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