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Little Mary Bottle : Conclusion

The little boy from the other side of town raised his head
and looked around. All the town folk and the judges of course,
were looking at him. Looking at him with expectation on their
faces, please try little boy they seemed to be saying.
A sparrow landed on his shoulder and chirped just once
and from behind him, the boy heard
a little girls' voice whispering, "Please try, please do" "Please
my boy, I fear you are the best".
A single lovely note rang loud and clear and echoed about town. The little boy enchanted the judges and all
of Cutesville. And on that day
the boy from the other side of town was proclaimed the pageant winner and all were pleased. But most of all Mary Bottle was content and happy you see because today
she heard an angel sing so beautifully. This day and this day alone two angels were made. The little boy from the side of town with his beauteous voice and Mary Bottle for her generous and sweet soul.
The boys wish was granted that day as all the citizens of Cutesville adopted him of course. There ends this tale of woe which turned into one of joy. So keep your hearts open to hear the voices of angels wherever you go.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010

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this is just such a lovely story christmas! i read it from the start here this morning and i loved it. thanks so much for sharing it here..hug thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet
you are quite welcome. I am glad you enjoyed. There isn't a forum for short stories you see, so I put it here among the poetry.
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