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Faltering Steps

The faltering steps of early love
Tripping over misunderstandings
Teetering on the edge of insurmountable obstacles
Treading inadvertently on raw emotion
Running, rushing, from fear of losing contact
Hesitating, slowing, stopping
Strolling slowly under night sky

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010

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Comments (7)

What a magnificent description of the tricky stage. You are truly a wonderful writer with a unique edge.
I er apologise for getting muddled as to boy or girl; I was confused by the bloke in your photo. I am not myself, mind somewhat addled at present.
Yer grand, Carol, pic from a get together ... but all woman here. Trolls take great pleasure in accusing me of being a man on IE Forums, one of the reasons I'm not posting there anymore so gave me a bit of a wobble!!! And thank you. Enjoying all the different styles of persons contributing on here ... mch saner side to CS ...

Oh it's me, brain has turned to custard. I've never been accused of not being female ,but if I was, I would definitely say,'I can prove it', scare the c...r..p out of em. Good thing that they upset you as we get to read your poetry. It has helped me a lot. What's a troll?
Thank you once again .. trolls are the fakes, multiple profilers, who are only online to cause chaos and upset .. hug
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Hi Skinny I really loved your description of the beginnings of love. Sometimes it is quite a dance if I remember correctly. Been a whilelaugh
Don't let people get to you. Not here and not in your everyday life. Just ask yourself how important are they to you. And how important is their opinion of you to you. Bet that will put a new face on it for you. Not very important are they. Walk tall. bouquet
Stumbling into love... Charming! wine
skinnyminnypink...glad you joined have talent..and yes I agree, you certainly understand the stages of love....Niahsmitten
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