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snow snow

snow from
above covering
the land with snow,frosty winds
with the wind chill factor ,most of
uk is coverd in snow biting winds frosty
cold conditions

children playing laughing in the snow
snow ball fights, throughing snow
children slidding from hill tops to valleys below

fun there having in the deep deep snow
frosty fingers, frosty toes all having fun in the snow
cars abandond slidding in the snow ,they have no place to go
cattle abandond in fields hiding under trees, waiting for
there next
feeds how
long this
snow will
last know
one knows

merry xmas one and all
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010

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Comments (5)

very nice imagery for me to see a snow on xmas but too much also is not nice,,,beautiful poem wayne...
thanks for the greetings too and wish you and your love ones a merry merry christmas and a happy new year too.good happy life,goodhealth and a prosperous new year brings.cheers cold santa waving
Hi, wayne34,
Nice shape poetry. Across the pond, I can see your holiday tree covered in snow snow. May the blessings of the season be with you and yours as children playing laughing in the snow!
Good to see you again Wayne....It seems to have been a long time....Well written, and thanks for the seasons greetings....Merry Christmas....Andrewcool
this is great, thanks for all the work wayne..
thumbs up santa waving santa waving santa waving
thats great the tree shape mate cheers
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