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I wanted to write you a letter my love. To bring back our days together in our secret haunts night lost on your king size bed, to bring back the shadow of your legs and the moonlight filtering through. The endless sweetness , to bring back the madness of our passion and the bitterness of our separation,your lips as red as the tacula fruit, your hair. Black as the dark diloa fish, your eyes gentle as the macongue, your breast hard as a young maboque fruit, your light walk, you sleek talk, your caresses better than anyone I find here.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
to my woman who means a lot to me till her untimely death....

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Comments (1)

Great tribute my friend and a greater lost to you . Welcome to CS-PC ..
Thou the fruits of passion sounds exotic ..what fruits are they ? If you have pictures then we can understand the expression coz not many ppl knows of them.thanks for sharing ..sad flower
Ancient Bullman
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