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Carpe Diem (soulgoddess challenge)

Bleed the day,
Make the most,
Time is short,
The end is close,
Enjoy to the fullest,
As time flies by,
Eat ,drink,and be merry,
For tommorrow we all may die...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Just what came out..

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Comments (10)

Hey Madtat....awesoem piece you've got here!applause You seem to always manage to say much without writing a lot! Love your style...keep them coming my friendwine

PS...I just noticed you've got Redex in your title...I think it should be soulgoddess instead...bouquet
Have to agree your stuff !
Short and simple yet strong!
Madtat I liked this muchly but sorry I should have put soulgodess on challange doh doh now every one thinks its my challengeblushing I would not be so braveteddybear
Oh..didn't realize..sorry for the mix up soulgoddess
Short and straight to the point,a strong take on this challengecheers M.M
ahhh see you have changed title thankyou sorry mix up my fault I forgot about time zones and just thought everyone would know it was a soulgodess challange. I am enjoying challenges it give me some focus. teddybear
Like your short style Carpe Diem Madtat thumbs up says it all :) wine
heart wings heart wings heart wings
Love it!
Thanks for sharing!
This is so cool Madtat, short and extreme sweet

thumbs up purple heart
Ty fellow poets...I'm honored by your reading and comments...
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