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by madtat29Farmington, New Mexico, USAMay 238 comments


Were no different...Me and You
I got this list of things to do
Accomplishments before I'm through
Most times I try to play it cool
Just don't cross the line I drew
I'm walking around with loose screws
And I just might go off...Kaboom!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 23
About this poem:
Anger Management

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Comments (8)

Madtat29 ~
Please continue venting through your writings.
Many share the same feelings.

Madysad flower
godsprincessonline today!
Good to see you on here Madtat - I too am ready to Kaboom!

Kathy teddybear
I commiserate as many are ready to explode. sad flower
Hey Mad .......... Awesome to see you posting again write .....:Regards Nu grin
trurorobonline today!
I think we are all mostly ready to blow in these times, good write
Mady Thank you writing has slowed as of late..doing more reading than anything..Thank you..Have a great day!
Kathy Good to see with family matters, a personal life, (finally!) blushing my groups on facebook, and the world going crazy!, I have my attention divided so many different directions. I do so love to read the poetry though...I think I may be an inconsistent but permanent fixturewink conversing
Reader ....right? I write not just from my perspective but with a world view in mind...crazy whats happening on this "blue marble"...thank you for the comment!
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