I have consulted all the angels
to show me the way
lost I have been for a long while
and still to my deep sorrow
there seems to be no sunny day
eloquence of words I plead
to have my fate
with love and trust be sealed
yet only and endlessly..
tears of strength
falling o'er my face
bleeding in hopelessness
feeling beaten and condemned
my mind confused and worn
the only thing I know
I can't bleed no more
Oh death of which I crave
lay me down to rest
and take my weary soul.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
I am so sorry, sometimes pain has more of bite in me..
but I am sure it will come to last

thanks all for your unending reads and comments..

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Comments (29)

A sensitive and cathartic write Phyllis..Hope all is well..

Kentyping flower
god bless you phyllis hope all is well dear friendangel
confused What happened?
You were so happy a few days ago!?!dunno
Nice write Phyllis...hope you feel better.comfort
Roberthug heart wings bouquet
Pain is like everything else in this life, it will not last!
"This too, will pass!" I will pray u find peace through your dark day! God bless u lindseyjones.
good morning phyllis
i can relate to being in the valley
the only thing i know to 'do' when there is to be present to my experience, to deeply be with it, to fully allow it to be As It Is... without trying to change it... and then, only then, does it somehow shift or change into someting new

deep peace, deep peace. all is well rose
Very sad poem, LJ... I hope you are alright, my friend. The Storm will pass so you can see the rainbow.
May God bless you always hug hug
Life is a painful journey Filomena at times its physical or emotional or both.On the other side too much happiness & wealth also is a pain worrying to find ways to enjoy it.Life is a challenge and we have to be strong to face the onslaughts and the barbs of cruel people or we fade & die.Fight with all your might to keep afloat in this perilous sea of life..Be strong angel May god give you the needed strength.You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

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lindsyjonesonline today!
Thanks Ken after writing my bad feelings, yes, it is cathartic and thank you so much..

lindsyjonesonline today!
Thanks Liam, lI truly appreciate..yes I was in love and then feeling so scared of being hurt again..

lindsyjonesonline today!
Robert, thank you so much always..I pray...
lindsyjonesonline today!
Josephmy first time to read you and thank you so very much. My deep and heartfelt thanks for your care..

I sure hope it will..

lindsyjonesonline today!
Beautiful you, my dearest darling great lady friend with the most soothing soul there is, my deep thanks..always..you taking your time to write me just to check on me. You give me so much inspiration to live a while longer..just as all of you..

Thank you so much...

lindsyjonesonline today!
Christine, thanks so much..

I truly appreciate..

I understand it is difficult sometimes ,,,but never let your beautiful spirit be broken dear Phyllis hug
Feel better soon -F hug bouquet
lindsyjonesonline today!
My dear Paloma, the gentlest soul there is...I am always lifted up by the power of your prayers..

thank you so much..I am going to be out of it, I promise..

Thanks as alwaysbouquet

Sometimes I think writing your thoughts cleanses your being...to put an end to bad feelings or pain...in particular to this poem...time to travel!!bouquet
I felt the emotions exuding through your words here. Keep that chin up. Melancholic but well crafted my friend. hug
lindsyjonesonline today!
Fiona my dearest, washy wishy sometimes is inevitable when hurt bred within for long. But I'm ready and thank you my friend. Love it is looming around somewhere

Love you all.
Very gloomy, but well written, why oh why does misery and sadness make such good poetry.
lindsyjonesonline today!
My dearest lovely darling lou...thanks..love you too, all of you..

lindsyjonesonline today!
My dearest darling loved friend MM. God knows how much you are blessed and loved....

Take care my darling friend...

Hi lind, I do enjoy reading poetry and it's the first time I have been here on the poetry blogs.

I have wrote a few poems myself in the past and I wrote a short one about my girlfriend on my profile.

Poetry is a beautiful way of putting words together and can sometimes touch peoples hearts when they read it.

I will try to write some poems and begin to post them sometime.

Your friend freedomwave
lindsyjonesonline today!
My dear, dear Luke, thank you ever so much. I am so sorry it took me a while to respond..I didn't even know you came to visit and what a blessing to have you here on my write.

Ever so grateful my dear, dear friend..

Phyllisteddybear teddybear gift gift bouquet bouquet
Still a lot of fight left in you I'm sure,
Great write ...get it out...Mad Love teddybear
lindsyjonesonline today!
Yes Tony I sure do
Thanks for your comments neighbor
lindsyjonesonline today!
Yes Tony I sure do
Thanks for your comments neighbor
lindsyjonesonline today!
Rob I didn't mean to miss your very beautiful comment.

I truly appreciate..

Thanks my friend..
yes my dear...I agree...it will come to last...sorry I've missed on a lot here....there was a lot of negativity around...had to stay out for my own sanity...will catch up soon on all your writes..Hope you're feeling better now my friend... mwaaahhh !!! teddybear hug wine thumbs up
lindsyjonesonline today!
Kabsat, I didn't mran to miss you.

Thank you ever so much
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