Losing a friend

we laughed, we fought, we made up
that's what we did and more
we learned many a things, did we not?
we discovered so much about this world

we drank our tears, we swallowed our pride
oh what a journey, we dug into the past
one glitz and it vanished, our focus got distracted
now we are separated, our friendship ended

but such is life, mysterious as the pyramids
we might have a little knowledge of what was and ifs
but the truth is, we're so weak and flawed
in our quest we'd never succeed

I am thinking, what a waste of my efforts and my hopes
if only words don't hurt, I'd be a glorious walk
tonight I might dream, it's all an illusion
might as well be for I am ready for the new morn

but what if....that's only a question
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2022
About this poem:
Just lost a friend

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Phylis , This is So beautifully written .I'm so sorry for your loss . Sounds like a great friend . Memories will remain in your heart teddybear bouquet ::heartwings:
lindsyjonesonline today!
Laura thanks. Losing a friend isn't easy. teddybear
southmiami4321online today!
Grief is a time we need when we lose a good friend or love one. Sharing it here with us I hope it comforts you. Honored writing to your dear friend. hug SM
Good friends are scarce Lindsy,
Never easy to lose one.
Touching poem.

lindsyjonesonline today!
South my friend thanks. wave
lindsyjonesonline today!
Mizzy thanks my friend.
lindsyjonesonline today!
We made up. After reading this.
Thanks friends.
I tell my friend from time to time that we spend time with the people we love. My last encounter with him left me with a bum foot for a week because he like to drive a lot and four hours cramped with it against a cooler I had left it hurting, but I still enjoyed my time, even though it left me running late with another friend. I hope you had fun with your friend, and I'm sorry for your loss.hug
lindsyjonesonline today!
Mac I'm sorry about the pain you had on your feet.

Well thanks but for now we're friends again. Hahaha sometimes we do things that are strange and quite lose our sense of what is right. wave
lindsyjonesonline today!
What on earth is happening?
I have missed you my friend I now live in Georgia this is such a beautiful poem I've always loved your poetry when I was having a bad day I could find one to lighten my load a little bit
8Dreamsonline today!
crying dunno How has your friend changed ?
Has he met another woman who fell in love with and now a partnership ?smitten hug
For some people they can't lose who they never had such is my case. People are loyal and friendly only of their need of you. Once their needs change so does their loyalty.
And some people don't realise what they had until they lost it. dunno
"For some people they can't lose who they never had such is my case. People are loyal and friendly only of their need of you. Once their needs change so does their loyalty."

It's a waste of life being bitter forever. Recover from your past and let a new day begin. You maybe surprise to know that with every dawn it's a new beginning.
I agree with you.thumbs up

I can also relate to the above poem.
It sounds as if it was intended for the same person?dunno grin
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