Let us repent


in the silence of the night,
there's restlessness in my heart
years of suppressed emotions
suddenly surging like a cyclone
or perhaps like a massive earthquake
its force a Niner in the Richter scale
the whole world is shaken
destruction is beyond imagination
i never expected for this moment to come
a most trying and difficult times
covid 19, apocalypse, like the intensity of a storm
no one is spared, humanity is doomed
as a believer and so they say
this is just a part of a greater plan
it is to prelude a much complex design
to eliminate evil and sift mankind
ask ourselves then, are we in for the fight?
or are we just a collateral for the better side
will it be that as the end is in sight
so does the promise of a paradise?
I am not sure, I have the answer
yet deep in my heart, I can tell
the Lord is the Judge, He is the creator
rightfully so He is the sole Juror.
in the end it is written
He will prevail He will win
all He asked of us is:
repent never to sin again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2022
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lindsyjonesonline today!
In our Christian belief, we're all born sinners. Repentance is a must and try not to sin again.
Deep and powerful....Let us repent (go, and sin no more - Jesus). I think that that is a major part of making it though this fight.

Thank you for this reminderhmmm angel
lindsyjonesonline today!
Didi, thank you for expressing your sentiments. We do need to be reminded once in a while as to what we MUST do.
God bless Didi. bouquet
Dear lindsyjones,
Yes, We are all sinners, and we Need Repent !
Thank G-d, He Loves us So Much, that He sent His Son Jesus,
to the Cross, to pay for our sins.
Respected Dear
I appreciate your thoughts. thumbs up
Very well said you have fear of GOD.
AMEEN. peace
southmiami4321online now!
The moment you wrote this poem on 3/22 the whole world was going through the deepest trial. We all are sinners and must repent, and follow the Lord to his righteousness.
Accurately your thoughts here bring us to repent. teddybear SM
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