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Lance Armstrong

He's know for wearing yellow
He's a happy positive fellow
His friends call him Lance
He likes to wear biker pants
When he rode in the Tour De France he averaged over 24 miles per hour
That takes a lot of power
This was up and down hills
That gave his fans quite a thrill
Those seven medals that he had won with one sack
He had to give those back
He was doping don't you know
At least he used to date Sheryl Crow
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Just heard that Lance got caught taking performance enhancing drugs while he rode his bike. Since he cheated to win, all of his tour de france wins are null and void.

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Comments (10)

yes I heard too..kinda he had battled cancer before competition..
I wonder if unintentionally he had these aids to build his fitness after his treatment..its a difficult one to judge.
Good poem on the subject of drugs & sports Mcradloff thumbs up wine bouquet
LadyMorgana60, thanks for your comment. Yes it is a shame what drugs can do to people.teddybear super motorcycle
yes sad indeed, but who cares about the titles he all ready got the money and spent it I hope..laugh laugh I don't think he really cares about the titles it's all about the money.....
kickit22, thanks for your comment. Yes, you are right, it is all about the money, why else cheat. Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr. also come to mind.liar super drink pouring
If you Dont mind my 2 cents...
If someone you know had cancer and got cured ,and win races ...would they be thinking about medals and money?
They will be thankful they are alive and spent every minute intensely ...those drugs could be for fighting fatigue and getting the strength needed in this punishing game!
Painkillers are drugs.
For me ,he is a legend and a reason for all cancer patient to live for ;-) just my view .thanks
morgen90210, thanks for your comment. True, he has inspired a lot of people, so overall he did some real good by that. He isn't the first to get caught, a bunch of baseball players got caught a few years ago.cheers
I was thinking that same line of thought as Morgen/s. It's a shame really...they take his silence as admittance of guilt...but those who knows what it takes to fight an institution will understand why he's decided not to pursue it. He's not only inspired many, with his foundation...he might have saved many a few lives too.sad flower
Hi, mcradloff,
Not a person that believes in winning at all costs, I do hope that cheating was not involved. He was doping don't you know... No, I don't; but, will let the testing done for doping speak for itself. I do understand, however, that one does not always win in trying to fight the system. Sometimes that battle takes a bigger toll on life than foregoing medals. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to weigh in on this complex matter.
orientalkoru, thanks for your comment. He did inspire a lot of people.applause teddybear
gnj4u, thanks for your comment. The system is pretty messed up at times and fighting can seem like a waste of time. Hopefully I am wrong about him doping.conversing banana teddybear
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