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Today I feel very sad, asked myself why, maybe it is the memories down memory lane, There was this lady in my class, she wasnt the best fan I had, nor was she popular in class anyway, she had these pikkels on her face that created a bad look of her expressions, everybody just ognored her, now years later, while attention a global sales meeting, I met her again, and OMG could it be, she was the most beautiful, stunning sexy woman I ever seen, she was just 100% perfect, soul and body, is it life that changes a person or the person itself, we chatted the entire time, asked me what the global meeting was all about, shit I dont know, only pretend to know

We intend to guide a book by its covers, well I am quilty, oh I miss those days, really do, and not mentioning my 2 years in the Army, man we rocked the world then, oh I remember driving on a bus from school, a blonde asked me ones, kiss me and I told her, no way, you on the wrong bus, hahaha,

I learned, you dont control the minutes and hours, you live them the best way you can.... make every minute count and love your enemy the way you love yourself

Have a stunning day

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Posted: Sep 2012

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