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Oh, time, it is you
who have taken my
youth and exchanged
it with the hunched
Have I offended you
that you leave me
with this old wooden
Has my foolish days
under the sun wearied
your timeless eyes?
Every year you tried
to teach me wisdom
Every day you called
from afar
Every hour the clock
kept ticking
Every minute I pondered
what might be
And at the last second..
time is no more~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
And off the cuff impression..

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Comments (15)

Very nicely written cafetwo.I too feel the
burden of aging. Time flies by to quickly. heart wings
Thank you snowytop..' Everything's cool. I don't have the cane yet.grin Your poems are most creative. Been to busy lately to read much and a lot of great poems out there to catch up on.thumbs up
M dear Jim, this is most profound. The calling that is inevitable. The arrival of the collection of our age. Yet we take our time of youth for granted sometimes. Right now while we can still breath easy and time's heavy shadow is a little beyond yet, let us rejoice and when it comes, we just have to think of the past that gave us so much enerfy and exuberance...

Thanks for sharing my dear Jim...
Nice write Cafetwo................regards n61cheers
The irrevocable passage of time. Enjoyed it..
Like this too Cafetwo.Sometimes I feel its just an illusion. What is it after all. Can we touch it? We most certainly see it.A passage.Oooops you have me in deep thought now.Floating down the memory lane of time gone by.And looking ahead to the gentle sway of a river as it it unfolds ahead before my eyes.Forget the wrinkles and the cane Cafetwo.dont become involved in that.they are just the surface of a journey lived.I believe the journey never ends.The pathway changes but never the journey.Your poetry is special.I like stepping onto your pathwaysteddybear
Oh, time, it is you
who have taken my
youth and exchanged
it with the hunched
Have I offended you
that you leave me
with this old wooden

You are a long way off having a cane Cafe..There is a poignancy in this futeristic poem...We none of us know what fate holds in store for us..So make hay while the sun shines. hug purple heart
Fate....and the future can be scary, so we must do our best to ensure we are prepared, but I doubt that is really possible.
It is how we deal with it......Provoking write Cafe.....Kathyteddybear
Oh, dear poets. My love for you is beyond measure...........professor wine wine wine wine wine wine wine
Hi, cafetwo2010,
Every minute I pondered what might be... Just wondering, is that the best use of time? On the other hand, I suppose that much wisdom can be gleaned from those foolish days under the sun... Thanks for sharing.
Yankee4youonline today!
I bet that cane is made of some good old Virginia Hickory.....grin cool cool
This poem is lovely Cafe - by the way, whenever I see your name here I feel like ordering 'Two coffees please'! giggle
(Just thought I'd share that piece of silliness with you)
Do you really think this way or are you just imagining how it would feel to do so?

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
cafetwo2010 Baltimore, District of Columbia USA
Fri Nov 2, 2012 8:58 PM GMT
Oh, dear poets. My love for you is beyond measure...........

Dearest Cafe,

I miss you..I miss your humour. laugh teddybear purple heart
wow! loved it! classic write from a classic mind... wine
Hi cafe

These days you are a rarer sight than a pork chop in a synagogue, it's good to see you gracing PC from time-to-time with your unique style of verse...

Best wishes

Bill wine wine
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