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Gateway to Dreams

Dazed and confused I stand in the front without a clue,
Even as everyone around is taking their leaps as if they flew.
Placing themselves into their dream situation while I stare,
Since it seems that what I enjoy most has no fruit to bare.
My heart in pain as my eyes water while the rest step through,
Unable to take the next step since I find nowhere to step to.
Looking around as everyone finds themselves with a goal on their path,
Yet for me it seems I'm adding things wrong in life's math
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Feeling lost without a path

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Comments (1)

nice write dude .........sometimes life's path is easier for some than others .........the best thing you can do is to live as fully as possible an before you know will find that gateway..............regards n61 handshake
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