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My Sweetness

_____My Sweetness____________________
____When u are alone_________________
__I will be your shadow________________
_ When you need to cry_______________
My shoulder will catch all your tears______
When you need a hug I'll be your pillow___
If your head is swirling, I'll be your Vortex__
_I'll be that ninja who dances in your mind_
__I'll be the stitches that heal your wounds
___I will be the song stuck inside your head
____The happiness at the end of your smile
_____The intertwining bind of body and soul_
______When you feel there is nothing left__
_______You know I'll be your everything__
________I will be your double rainbow____
_________You make me very happy_______
__________You are my wonderful____________
___________Amazing sweetness_______________
____________And I love you________________
_____________? Jessica <3__________________
________________ :*______________
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
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Very cute Heavenly and nicely done, I've never indulged much in shape poems so kudos to you for your piece.

thumbs up purple heart wave
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