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I lay on my back and smile
The sun's warmth is upon me

Below shade of a great oak tree
I take my place and close my eyes
The noon hour light pierces the clouds
And shines through in plenty

I imagine
Though easily I could look
Those diaphanous white ribbons-
Sunbeams hung upon the clouds

Which, as if suspended
Weightless in the air-
In that Ethereal liquid-
Hang down from the heavens
To drift across the earth
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
I thought to myself this afternoon,

"What if sunbeams hung in the air, like jellyfish in the water?"

And then I thought, "... oh- but they do."

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Comments (7)

Aw so sweet and poetic. teddybear
"Hang down from the heavens To drift across the earth" beautiful phrases...
Thanks Barrel. I often need reminders to omit the analytics, and simply let the sun, whether rays or its day, envelope me. Thanks !
tis true they do!!wave
Wonderfully beautiful poem Barrellofart! Drifting indeed :)peace
I love this poem, I love to look at the sky and its beautiful rays shinning down.It does appear as if heaven is looking upon us... Especialy as they shine upon the snow in the winter giving the glitter effect..Beautifullangel
Put it to music wave
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