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Touching the foot of the Lord (unfinished)

before the sun will rise
the moonlight keeps me alive
i sleep but my heart is wise

before shooting for the stars
i weed the garden in the backyard
tangle dreamers don't get far

so hang on my dears
a chain of human hanging gears
see the invisible hands at play
the heart

There's a wound that is the door to the soul
which sooner or later its latch I will hold
for I finally know whom the bell tolls

the drunk either stops or dies
the blessed are drag down to be baptize
seeing that only the blind ones have eyes

step aside and let the fire sings
time to feel not to think
Lord, this is the missing link
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
"By love may He be reached and held, but by thought never."
- The Cloud of Unknowing

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Comments (2)

interesting write. i'll haveta think about what's said.
surprizeme - listen to your heart...lovely poembouquet
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