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The 5 Poet Prayer.

Dear Lord I need help, I cant write anymore, I need a plan,
show me some talented poets to inspire me if you can,
I'll include them in my writings, pay them verbal commission,
Can we start real soon Dear Lord,,thats with your permission,

I'll write a "NeverEndingStory" and dedicate it to you, I
know you'd be a "goodguytohave", I know this is true,
I'll never drink alchol again, I'll stick with coffee maybe,
or I may consider quaility like "earlgreytea"
And Lord I'll help that lady next door, she's moving away
today, she's leaving right off the cuff, I'll do a good deed
help this lady in need, I'll help move "heidstuff",
And I'll compliment Heidi on her way, in that pink
flowing dress, and how she speaks so elequently
just like a "Pinkpoetress",

So Lord, just send me a sign, of when I should start,
And I'll pray ,,every day,,,,straight from my heart,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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Comments (5)

some very inspiring lines
that make an optimisticme
i'd continue with a poem fine
but only thought of three :-(
laugh laugh coola boola, its great optimistic how you can swing from mood to mood and it shows through your poems, thanks for sharing this piece of light entertainment...applause applause
Taaa-daaaa teddybear Cool applause
You do not need any help I think, except to not worry or try hard. Interesting flow of rhyme. Give us more.
Psychic poet.
optimisticme - poem...i hope you find your muse again! lol...or perhaps it was never gone...if this poem is any indication!peace
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