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Memories were made to fade over time,
Looking at your picture,
I cant get you off my mind,
The thoughts wont last,
They slowly fade,
With nothing new to take their place,
Unhappiness runs in streams down my face,
As I remember yesterdays...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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Comments (7)

Good poem madtat29. I've read 3 of your poems and like each one. thumbs up
Tender and poignant. I know the feel of rain on my face also. I can feel your pain and I love the way you write'Unhappiness runs in stream down my face'.Amazing imagery.sad flower
Nicely written teddybear
are minds are syncronized....great material madtat.
everyone else already said, all i can add is put it to music.
Nice one hug
madtat29 - nice poem and images...thanks!
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