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You Show Me Yours!

Wow, so thats yours?, what can it
do?,,,,it does everything, want me
to demonstrate for you?, Yes, I'd
love to see it do its thing, jeez its
big, bet it can damm near sing,
Just hold out your hand, have no
fear, just hold it like that and press
right here, yes, thats just great,
hmm,,now we can synchronise, arrive
together, no more coming late,
Its an unusual colour, and a very
strange shape, whats that over it,
looks like a cape,
well its the newest edition, the capes
for protection, keeps it in top condition,
ok, I gotta go, first I'll upload to you,
then you'll have it too, here it is, the
newest ringtone, hope you like it,

from my new mobile phone.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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Comments (4)

laugh laugh laugh

double entendre eh!!!
yup...could sense it comin' the conversational innuendo is great!
hedistuffonline today!
calm down opti! you frightened me...
Ohhhh! Thanks for the laugh this morninglaugh
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