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by Rikco11London, Greater London, England, UKJun 292 comments


I know my worth
From birth
Felt like I was cursed
Different somehow
Always thinking in this now
They said I was clever, intelligent
And now I see what they taught me was so relevant
Lika gift n a present
Build me up with bricks n cement
It took a while for this child to realise
The real lies & the real prize
And there is only perceptions of wise
Taste the dust
Reject n cussed
Purposely purposeful to make sure I bust
Like fresh n born new
1st eye wide open guess what
I see n I hear you
I don't need to know you to know your energy
My energy on point n high is ma frequency
So much so the trash takes itself out
I embrace my fear my doubt
No more wide open mouth
All possible n probable
And every single obstacle
Should be perceived as a blessing
Forced to laugh when I see how people stressing
And that's it there
Yes I care
But I'm that more aware
Everything with its purpose n reason
I keep ma energy sweet like seasoning
As long as I'm breathing in
This place
I make haste
And don't waste time
To spark the fuse ignite the flame n shine
Try to water me down
Want to turn this smile into a frown
This is my playground
And ego n fear are just part of the fun now
Bring it I rhythmically bling it
Slide n swing it
Roundabout n shock n sting it
Rewind n fling it
Back again
Cos this shizz don't end it only bends
Lesson upon lesson
Levels n levels of blessings
Being in this present
To receive this present
That always is here for me and you
Deep diving excavations into you
Can ya dig it?
Ya better
Spiritually & physically
To restore from the core the joy n yes the happy
Which is actually the goal of the soul
To smile
And share it
Of course ya can't comprehend this simple shizz
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 29

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