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by darkhorse555Donegal, IrelandJul 226 comments

Be aware of the vultures

The lying sewer rats have revealed themselves once again
a tale has surfaced without credit but begs to be king
this plague and disease has taken away innocent life
We all can see the scorpion in words published in a sting
the odour leaves an invisible stench deeply within souls rooted
Our nation has what it deserves corrupted evil swine
wallowing in self pity crying over spilt milk bad eggs
poor in spirit drunken by their lack of knowledge
wisdom is condemned as false doctrine to address logic
Where creeps the shadows over the truth sandwiched
hiding behind a mask the joker laughs at democracies fools
This world is falling into the pits of hell with rotten apples
at the helm they form a circle dividing people to core beliefs
brainwashed individuals follow their leaders backwards principles
God be with anyone who can think for themselves
because the trendy have lost all faith and love
they judge everyone by their own standards
afraid of the cross they bear malice against goodwill
Sin we all can see how you mutilate everything Holy
take one look into the heart of this problem unfolding
hide your face in shame as the day will come when you kneel
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 22
About this poem:
this planet is moving backwards with rigged political views

in those that go directly against the ten commandments

law has become a twisted act against creation and the virtues of human rights

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Hi, darkhorse555,
Where creeps the shadows over the truth
Yes, while only dead things are consumed by vultures, those of us living do need to pay attention to what's dying around us, and WHY.

66 million years ago, an asteroid careened into the earth and caused the extinction of 75% of then-living things. From that catastrophic event, mammals (before then only the size of rats as determined by fossils found) evolved to the point they are today. Continuously, we humans take deliberate actions that knowingly destroy each other and the environment that sustains us, not to mention the multitude of species we have caused to become extinct.. I don't know what other species do that.
You didn't think I was going to let you go without a comment did you? Lol, it is great to see you my old dear friend. You remain loyal to your passionate beliefs as witnessed in this write....very admirable. cheers
godsprincessonline today!
Keep your eye on the Cross at all times and what it symbolizes.

Kathy angel
kathy smiling my every breath is focused on my Saviour angel
well well candy sweet talking brother i see your pens is still on fire grin angel
gnj4u this world is spinning out of control i believe, its moving so fast only a matter of time before we burn up, every law is changing by stealth removing choice smiling thank you deeply for your excellent comment greatly appreciated wishing you a blessed weekend angel
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