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I took the drive to Lancaster
It is a 15 mile drive
To where I thought my Mom was
An old folks home
On the way I saw a turkey vulture
They're big birds!
What an omen
As the only place I had ever seen one on the side of the road
Was on the way to Muscoda
The nurse told me she wasn't there
I should call my sister
My sister said they hid Mom at another place so she didn't have to go
The police offered no support
Saying it was out of their hands
So she is free from that hell for now
I'm glad of that
But for how long?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 23
About this poem:
My dad died in one of those toxic hell holes called a nursing home. I remember a dream I had as a child about hell, the feeling I got was pretty close to the same feeling I got every time I went to this nursing home, at least I got to leave.

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yeah agree, spooky places, but some here now are quite flash like resorts, hope your Mum does ok.. thumbs up
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