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A Time Honoured Place

the merlin hawk mesmorized me
as he flew and perched upon a tree
his size his strength and worm wood rue
i stood in regard with envious eyes
in a time honoured place
the rumour did say
he hunted his prey
and a mischief maker snake in the grass
wriggled about and worked his way past
still mesmorised i closed my eyes
a fragrant bouquet blew my way
swirling up and all around
i thought here i'll never be found
so i plucked a few flowers to remember those hours
the zippy dragonflies whizzed and hoverred
and there was me my reflection in the water
i was part of this little order....................Kennybhoy1
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010

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Comments (4)

i could feel the bliss you must have had through your words...thanks for sharing your time honoured day ;-)
kennybhoy1 - beautiful your images!bouquet
Hi Kenny, just read your poetry, very nice. Rosesad flower
Hi, kennybhoy1,
It is a gift of this life to be part of this little order, so poetically shared with us. Thank you for remembering those hours.
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