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RE: Bipolar Disorder

I have bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed 31 years ago and have been battling it ever since.

I have posted about it extensively in the forums. It does help to talk about it sometimes. I prefer not to most of the time though.

Good luck to you.handshake

RE: Hair today...gone tomorrow!

I am praying for you Bajan. You bring so much passion and joy to the site with your beautiful poetry. Thank you!!!


RE: I need to ...

You killed Mickey!! Minnie is now a widow...maybe she will date me....dunno

RE: Why am I here? (rambling)

This is your blog. If you want to list your annoyances about the site, people here, whatever you want, go for it. Loneliness sucks. I am old enough to be your father, and believe me, loneliness gets worse as time goes by. But weather you are lonely or not, it is up to you to remedy the situation if you want. Maybe this site isn't for you and that is your decision. I am not an advocate for the site, and your decision to leave is yours alone.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best. Just like everything else in life, you get what you put into it. I think posting this blog was a good idea for you. Take care.

Kensanta waving

RE: Just Finished

Glad you had a great time!! Like riding a bike.....

Can't dance a lick...2 left feet!dancing

RE: The Future

That sounds great Earl. I hope and pray it works out for you guys. Say hi to Shelia for me.wave

RE: Musings and ponderings...

inaction is failure noone can learn fromhandshake

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