rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: A Year After Trump's Win & A Year 'Til Mid Terms

exactly, seems to be a big spectacle

RE: Age a state of mind or statement of uselessness?

Hola Daniela!

Si, estoy completamente en tu opinion. Tambien sobre todo, no deseo educar a un hombre que no tenga modales.

Mucho exito!


RE: Age a state of mind or statement of uselessness?


I think being picky is totally alright independently of age, You can't enforce affection anyway.

Also to repead something failed would make nobody happy. It's good to have this room to see the different statements/ views, behavior and to respect other.

RE: Gender Equality

OMG, i really would not describe/ call you an men cheering

RE: Bitcoin

i mean it is at least in this moment speculation object - you will be ripped mercylessly

my safety is me holy

Hello Duromojon,

i am sorry, perhaps you should have trust in compassion and understanding.
I know many tragic fates.
Nobody is perfect!


my safety is me holy

!! Thank you very much, for all the good desires and proposals !!

Exactly what i had need

At first i was ashamed, because i though, how could that happen in my age.
Your encouraging comments makes feel like a normal human being.

I am grateful !

my safety is me holy

well i like to read your KNIGHTLY mainingful protection!
heart wings

Althoug i think best way is to save me self. You are right!

RE: Bad days

let nothing and nobody discourage you

RE: On the bright side of the blogs

nice, absolutely normal with a big worth communicative

RE: I am selfish

i gues, you will never really have friends

RE: Is it difficult to be kind

Some people are not sociable, put them in waste.

RE: "ALYDAR"....(3/23/1975---11/15/1990)

good that the court/insurance found the true reason of the death of that innocent animal.
Herthfelt Condolences

RE: You cannot avoid risk without avoiding life.

great, it is good to remember
really spoken like a wise men

RE: Where is the love?

angel stay cool prity girl, the right men will see your qualities and the other need not to know.

RE: Leaving

Leoma girl,
you should not allow stupid people to discourage you!
Head high!

RE: Das Haus

You can be happy, the rents are increasing!

cool dancing

RE: Wait In a Line?!

Better time to go shoping is on Thursday.
I most avoid markets on weekends.


very true applause
and everyones own decisition

RE: Believe In Yourself

true sincere words

RE: reading this was making me...

why do you cry?
stay cool little lady, develope your self confidence, remember how strong and helpful your are.
The right person will see your qualities.


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