Gender Equality

Can I tell you ladies a little secret? You had it all along and did not even know it. Have you noticed how few men will still offer their seats to a lady on a full bus or a train these days? Some people may interpret it as bad manners but that’s not true. They are merely acknowledging your equal status. Beware of those who offer their seats; they are the chauvinists who still think that they are superior to women.professor

If you still feel that you’re being dealt short, maybe we should change genders for a while but please not while you are pregnant or menstruating; that would be unfair.uh oh

So while you are me and I am you, see that you shave every morning… and every night before you come to bed. Your beard scratches me. I’M NOT UPSET!!! Brother, am I going to enjoy yelling at you, and my colleagues, and everybody else without having to apologize? This PMS thing is such a handy thingymabob.grin

Not now; the children will hear to hand

I see the lawn also needs mowing… and fix that bloody gutter that you have been nagging me about for the last six months. And I’m not crying; I’m pissing through my eyes.crying

NOT NOW; I have to hand

No, I’m not done yet; see that you come home straight from work and this Bingo business on Wednesday nights is bullshìt. PUT THAT TOILET SEAT DOWN!!! Are you listening to me? I’m talking to you. You don’t love me anymore; When last did you give me bouquet? I’m going back to my mother. blah

Not now; I’m tired. talk to hand

Then I did not even explore other possibilities like s*xual harassment when I don't like somebody. Boy, I’m going to have a ball. But then it probably won’t last for much longer before you’re going to insist on swapping back because you have discovered that it is not that easy to be a manyay

Not now. I’m … eh… eh… I don’t know what... but not to hand

So, if you ladies want to be on top, be my guest and get on with it. It’s less work for us at the bottom. Oh shìt, last night while I was you, I forgot to take your pill.devil

Well my dear, do you still want gender equality? Of course you can have it but you will not be very smart to accept it. I would never surrender the upper hand if I had it. doh
cats meow cats meow

I'll see ya as soon as it's safe again.hole

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rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
hi Mimi,
You should not laugh about it. This is s e r i o u s. And it's not easy to imitate a woman.
rolling on the floor laughing hug
We men call it just 'a punch up', and leave it at that. Try having a punch up with a woman and she goes shouting domestic much for their equality.
Hi qarnita,
True, I think they cannot take a joke.laugh

In many countries it is illegal for a man to dress like a woman but in none of those countries it is illegal for a woman to dress like a man. Not that I want to dress like a woman but is that fair?rolling on the floor laughing
Cat, how about a compromise.

We will have a Red Year.

You take a year of menstruation and I will take a year of male mid-life crisis.

You will have a year of pain and anaemia due to blood loss

And I will have a shiny new red sports car.

Sounds fair to me grin
Take me for a spin, Molly

Any time Mimi! reunion
Hi Molly,
Nope, no deal!snooty That option was disabled I my blog. I specifically specified not while you're pregnant or menstruating. You cannot change the rules now.tongue
laugh hug
forget about it; she's not getting the car.laugh
Cat, remember, I am a woman, I can change the rules at any time grin
Gmf,just inagine; 'Anytime Mimi'.talk to hand

What optimism!doh
Mimi is used to getting it anytime she wants professor
I wonder if her Arty knows about it?confused
grin hug
Yes, I suppose you can, but once we've swapped I can change it right back. We're heading for a draw by repetition so we may as well settle this out of court.laugh
Hi Catfoot, If we do change for a while I am just curious, when the woman becomes the man will they put the toilet seat down as they so demand of us. I think not grin

Good one Catfoot, cheers
That is a very valid point. I should have thought about that. I could have bitched about that as well.laugh
Toilet seats are there for a reason, boys roll eyes

A reason? And what might that be?confused

I cannot think of any reason. I mean it is not as if we're trying to preserve the contents.wink
The function and significance of these seats is viewed differently by different individuals but what cuts across is their use to promote sanitary conditions to the toilet facility. When a toilet is used by a number of people it is likely to be prone to harbor different types of bacteria, which arise from careless use by some individuals. A toilet seat basically protects the bowl from coming into contact with stray urine. The seat itself is usually cleaned before any person uses it especially in rest rooms to minimize the transfer of bacteria and other vectors. The seat's lid is meant to cover the seat when the toilet facility is not in use.
Article Source:


Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.professor
grin hug
I always do plenty of research before forming an opinion wink
Not trying to preserve the contents, but I think they are trying to hide the contents have you ever noticed how much toilet paper you have to buy when a woman is living in the home. confused

But what ever makes them happy, right laugh

OK women don't get mad just playing here grin
Wen, I don't get mad....I get even devil
Molly wave OK I will watch my back today uh oh
Hi Molly
OK, another stalemate.laugh

By the way; you mentioned last night that key finders no longer need a wolf whistle. Can I assume that they can be remotely triggered by a PC or a phone?:
i'm not going to agree or disagree. I have enough crap as it is. laugh

Yes, your right; whatever will keep them happy.

Mind you, toilet paper are relatively cheap and is one of the smaller expenses when it comes to women and something I pretend not to notice.
grin cheers
thanks I had a look. I like it but they don't ship this this particular model to SA. I can only assume that the wireless frequency is in violation with the law. We have some very shitty laws governing RF in this country.frustrated

But I'll google it from my side. It should return some local suppliers local shop.
Cat, is there some SA Amazon or Ebay?
Good onelaugh

And to think that I was taught to salute a pregnant lady. If I did that these days i'd get a harassment case filed against melaugh

handshake cheers
Yes, we have them but I never buy on line. It takes the fun out of shopping. I just did a quick google and found many of these gadgets all over . I'll work through it later to see what I like. And thanks again for your trouble.thumbs up
Luke...or a paternity test laugh
Hi Luke,
Yes, we saluted them as well but I cannot recall that this was a military ordinance. I think it was more hearsay; like the 'min dae' salute. You know, some guys even saluted a woman pushing a baby in a pram (perambulator) laugh cheers
that was closer to the truth than what you may have thought.
laugh hug
Yes, we have them but I never buy on line. It takes the fun out of shopping. laugh Bi? Or just buy!
We actually have a store in town called BiMart.
Hi Ash,

Bi-Mart or Wall-Mart; what does it matter? As long as I can go in to shop I don't care. grin
@ Molly,

laugh Thats a fact...laugh
It would seem that Molly is frightfully well informed
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
@Cat, I've noticed some men do still offer their seats esp to ladies wearing low necklines. that way they can stand in front of those ladies and ooooooogle!!! Nasty, eh!!!

I think it is pretty simple really. If a women wants gender equality, find a man who knows how to give out respect. These women want a bad boy and expect to get treated right. hmmm

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