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Jesus Christ didn't start his ministry until he was 30. He was ridiculed, rejected, betrayed, tortur...
64514Jan 2011

Why is "Alcoholism" so prevelant in the world??

Could it be the fact that Billions of Dollars go into the clever marketing to continually entice/tar...
4835Jan 2011

WOW!! You are HOT!!

As a society have we become rather shallow? We are blasted daily with images of anorexic air brushed...
5865Jan 2011

Early Warning Signs: That You Are Dating A "Gold D

1. She is the proud owner of 20+ designer purses.......
1,22314Jan 2011

Why is Marriage a Failing Institution?

The Statistics are rather freightning.....Over 50% of first marriages fail. 2nd Marriages the failur...
5,03517Jan 2011

"No Rings No Strings" Relationships Do They Work??

Have you ever been or are you now in a "No Rings No Strings" Relationship....Did it work? What are...
7935Jan 2011

What Are The Early Warning Signs: That You Are Dat

1. She will say "You sound like a very successfull person"...
4473Jan 2011

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